A campaign has been launched in a bid to save the John Carroll Leisure centre in Radford that is facing closure after the council’s budget cuts announced last week.

The closure was announced after Nottingham City Council revealed huge economic losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as losses on the Robin Hood energy project which is thought to have cost the council over £38 million.

The council announced in their plans that the building would either be closed or the building would be repurposed for alternative use.

The SaveJohnCarroll website, Instagram page, and Facebook page were created after the announcement and they share stories from residents in Radford about what the centre means to them.

The campaign was started by a group of Radford residents who believe the council’s decision to close the centre is short-sighted.

They say this will mean Radford loses its last leisure centre in the city centre.

The website offers people a chance to share their experiences with the leisure centre and what it means to them.

The website also explains: “John Carroll is the last real community facility available in Radford.

“For decades it has served as a place where children build the confidence they need to succeed and as a sporting facility for under-funded schools.”

“It has been a polling centre, a base for political campaigning and a hub for Notts County to inspire local budding sport prospects.”

Residents have warned that the closure of the leisure centre may lead to an increase in crime as the centre is used by multiple children’s groups for football, swimming, among other activities.

“Most importantly, John Carroll Leisure Centre has served as a meeting place for a diverse range of groups in one of the most deprived and fragile parts of Nottingham” states the website.

To find out more information about the campaign, click here.