The Bottle Top, in Ruddington have an extensive range of locally brewed craft beers available for delivery.

As nights out seem like a distant memory, more and more people are starting to bring the bustle of the bar into their living rooms as takeaways are the only luxury left in many of our lives.

Whether it’s a cosy night in for two, your hen party, a baby shower, birthday or any other form of celebration, I can almost guarantee that someone attending will have some form of beverages at the forefront of their mind.

Both online retailers and independent Nottingham stores are offering alcohol delivery to ensure you don’t miss out on memories (or lack of) throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Companies have worked hard to remain in customers thoughts by creating take-out alternatives to everyones favourite food and drinks throughout the city and across the country too.

Here are some of the popular and quirky alcohol delivery services that you can get through lockdown 3.0 to ensure Covid doesn’t hinder your party plans.

1. The Bottle Top, Ruddington

After hosting successful craft beer events in it’s launch year, including releasing their own beer called ‘Snow Moon’, it’s not surprise that this Ruddington independent is making sure people can get hold of their own versions of the ale despite travelling restrictions.

Although the store is still open for collection as it is considered and essential shop, they are also offering a delivery service locally or nationally through their website.

The store offers all locally sources craft beers, and wines for an eco alternative.

Alex Preston, co-owner of The Bottle Top in Ruddington, explained how the store work closely with local brewers in and around Nottingham such as Black Iris and Castle Rock Brewery.

The Bottle Top offer a range of locally brewed beer including their own ale ‘Moon brew’. [Photo credit: Alex Preston]
She said: “The craft beer scene is bringing passion back to drinking and making it about community and talent.”

Alex explained how the delivery service saved their business as they provided ‘hundreds of deliveries’ through the first lockdown due to people shielding and isolating both in Nottingham and nationwide.

“If we couldn’t have deliveries, as well as having no one in the shop, on top of not having the bar open, we wouldn’t have a business left basically”, she said.

Craft beer and local spirits are available for both local and national delivery from The Bottle Top website.

Shop for food and drink at The Bottle Top.

2. JamCafe 

This cafe and music bar based in Hockley has launched an alternative approach to quenching the city’s thirst this time round with their new eco-friendly delivery initiative.

JamCafe have teamed up with RideWiseUK, a Nottingham based charity, to help them support their efforts to support the use of greener transport across the county.

Bradley travels around on his bike delivering to areas such as Beeston, Carlton, Wollaton, Sherwood, Carrington and more.

The company is offering its thirsty companies beer and wine, or you can even take your chances with a craft beer lucky dip priced at £30!

The deliveries are completely Covid safe despite the personal touch of beer by bike, as Bradley will deliver with clean hands and of course wearing a mask.

Get a visit from Bradley on his bike

3. Cucamara and Oz Bar

For students missing out on these classic bars as part of their Wednesday bar crawls, fear not, because the Kardlo app is providing a delivery services across Nottingham that won’t break your bank.

With this service you’re able to fill your boots with mix and match deals including everyones favourite packs of VKs.

Delivery is only within seven miles of the bar itself so the city dwellers amongst you can grab 120 bottle of VK for £45 as well as many other bundle deals to create your own bar at home.

The bars have plenty of deals on offer, the sale of VKs being one of the most mouth watering offers amongst students. [Photo credit: Cucamara Facebook]
The leftover stock to be delivered includes lager, cider, spirits, Prosecco and VKs.

Delivery will take place between 12pm and 6pm on Friday 29 January so make sure to get orders in before 8am on the day!

Grab your booze from Kardlo

4. The Booze Run

This late night delivery service runs in Nottingham and get your orders our to you within 45 minutes, with last orders taking place at 1am.

The Booze Run offer all your classic beers, wines and spirits you will get from your local supermarket, without the hassle to leave the house.

As many people face isolation through Covid or may be shielding due to health concerns, this service is an easy way to be certain of your stock even when uncertain times are upon us.

Grab your favourite branded beers, wines and spirits, as well as soft drinks for a smooth and guaranteed good evening.

Get your booze on the run