The Bakehouse on Mansfield Road Nottingham over the last year has done an incredible job of evolving with the times and has created new and innovative ways to continue in its success of providing top-quality baked products for its community.

The pandemic brought uncertainty for thousands in the food industry, but Nottingham’s award-winning bakery adapted to the ever-changing circumstances to ensure they tackled the pandemic in the most productive way possible.

Following the first lockdown, the bakehouse completely redesigned the inside of its café turning it into a fully functioning bakery.

Owner of the bakehouse, Craig Poynter, explained this move allowed them to continue in providing a service to Nottingham and has proven to be a lifeline for a lot of locals.

Delicious, fresh bread from The Bakehouse.

The confidence and determination Craig and his team had to make such drastic changes to the bakehouse has proved to be an extremely successful move for the business.

Craig explained: “Because we adapted so quickly it was very clear what we were doing, and having that confidence to show how we were going to proceed to serve to community I think is why customers got on board.”

What the bakehouse has been able to achieve in the last year to continue to serve the Nottingham community has been outstanding, and their restlessness to work hard in order to provide customers with its delicious array of baked goods has proven extremely successful.

The Bakehouse has just been awarded ‘Bakery of the year 2020’ by the Great Food Club, which is another achievement to add to the growing list of accolades this bakery has received in the short time it’s been around.

‘Bakery of the Year 2020’ Plaque on display outside the bakehouse in Sherwood.

The bakehouse has also received recognition for its work with 5 world bread awards and 3 great taste awards.

On top of this they have received two Spirit of Sherwood awards for their charity work and place in the local community, which is no surprise given its commitment to servicing its locals during these difficult times.

Throughout the pandemic the bakehouse team has been working hard to not only ensure their survival as a business, but also to provide services to struggling customers in Nottingham by going above and beyond in their service.

During the flour shortage in the first lockdown, the bakehouse teamed up with their suppliers to create bread kits for local residents with ingredients and instructions to help customers make their own bread.

This was something that the bakehouse did not only to keep its customers supplied but also to bring some fun activities for families to take part in during the height of the pandemic.

Layout of the bakery before the renovation.

When talking about his business, Craig was extremely expressive about his integrity as a worker in the food industry, and his commitment to his responsibilities to work hard and produce continual top-quality products has spoken volumes to customers in Nottingham shown through the support the bakehouse has received.

“I think it’s just the honesty about what we do, we are a family business and people see that that and see us working hard.

“I think the benefit we have got is a great team and a good bunch of people bought into our ethics, between us we can stay ahead of the trends.”

Moving forward into 2021, Craig stated that there is “a lot of things on the horizon” in regards to upcoming projects that the bakehouse will be involved in, so to keep an eye out for more exciting projects from the bakehouse moving forward through 2021.