Riverside path flooded in Newark on Sunday 24th

The river levels are beginning to decrease in Newark after a few days without rain, however levels still remain high.

Newark-on-Trent has been just one of many locations over the past week seeing burst river banks and flooding, but while the river still remains high it is slowly going down.

The ground where the river had spread to has been left muddy and slippery, and people are advised to take extra care whilst walking near the river.

Lindsey Thacker, 52, of Nottinghamshire, said: “I think that a flood was inevitable with the amount of rain we have had lately, there’s only so much that can be done.”

Meanwhile an elderly Newark resident said: “It’s only alongside the river that floods really, just the channel of the river not the town.

“It was much worse a with the rain we had a year ago.”

Mike Sassi, of Thurgarton, said: “We tried to walk from Bleasby to Fiskerton at the weekend, down by the river, but all routes were blocked by water.
“We saw a couple of Range Rovers get through.
“But everyone else turned back.
“You really needed a boat.”