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Whatever information you can grasp outside of university can be really helpful, especially when it’s written by students for students and Instagram is one of the platforms that makes this kind of stuff so easily accessible to us.

Here are our favourite student marketing pages on Instagram that we think you should follow right now!

1. Girls in Marketing (@girlsinmarketing)

After setting up their page in 2019, Girls in Marketing have grown their community to over 40,000 followers!

They post regular tips on their page as well as hosting their own events and webinars. Their website is also pretty impressive with a special student and careers blog section.

2. Pretty Little Marketer (@prettylittlemarketer)

A screenshot of one of Sophie’s post from @prettylittlemarketer

This Instagram page is ran by marketing, advertising and branding student Sophie Miller, who says that the aim of her page is “to inform and inspire marketers at the beginning of their career journey to achieve their dreams.”

Her page is filled with tonnes of helpful advice on things like CV’s, how to approach people for work experience and what online courses are actually worth investing your time in.

Sophie even holds her own Zoom events which you can attend to learn more about the world of marketing.

3. The Grad Girl Project (@thegradgirlproject)

Not having a helpful go-to platform as a student is what inspired Laura Renshaw to set up the grad girl project!

@thegradgirlproject ‘s Instagram page

“I created the grad girl project after I graduated uni last summer to share my experience and tips with other students because during uni, I didn’t have that helpful platform, so I wanted to create my own!

Here you can find student and grad tips, book, podcast and YouTube recommendations and each Wednesday a follower takes over the page for a day to share their own experiences to inspire current students.

4. Sophie Olive Marketing (@sophieolivemarketing)

Sophie is a first class marketing and management graduate and her page is largely centred around digital marketing.

A screenshot of @sophieolivemarketing ‘s Instagram showing just how clear her posts are

She set it up with the aim to make marketing accessable to businesses during the pandemic but she also hopes to inspire young marketers!

“You can expect lots of social media tips, tricks and advice!” says Sophie.

Her friendly layout of her Instagram feed makes it super easy to scroll to the posts which interest you the most.

This is a great page if your thinking of starting some freelancing work for experience and you need some helpful tips.