Stuart Cliffe, 30, is committed to help as many families as possible. (Credit: Feed the Youth)

The 30-year-old will be making up to 50 lunches every Wednesday to feed hungry children in the city.

Father of three Stuart Cliffe decided to act on his passion for cooking and to help others by providing home-made lunches for those in need.

The delicious meals consist of soup, fresh bread, tomato pasta bolognese, meat and potato pie, all of which will be cooked fresh from scratch on the day.

The ‘Feed the Youth’ campaign will start this Wednesday, January 27, when the first slot of 50 meals will be made and delivered.

Stuart says: “After Marcus Rashford brought it to everyone’s attention with how bad this situation in the UK actually is, I completely agreed.

“No child deserves to go hungry and I will do everything I can to help reduce the number of children going without food, even if this means going without myself.”

However, Stuart is no stranger to family struggles to afford food in hard times.

A reminiscence from his childhood, he says, motivated him to start the campaign.

“When I was young, my mum was working three jobs to try and keep food on the table for me and my older brothers whilst she often skipped meals and when I asked why she wasn’t eating, she would say she was on a diet.

“No child deserves to be hungry.” (Credit: Feed the Youth)

“Now I feel like it’s my turn to play my part to help out where I can, no family should have to sacrifice eating to put food on the table for the rest of the family.

“I won’t be able to help everyone, but I’ll definitely try.”

The ‘Feed the Youth’ campaign, inspired by Marcus Rashford’s initiative, gained support from local businesses across Nottingham in just a few weeks.

Tenfold offered to support the initiative by printing over 1000 leaflets that will be distributed across Nottingham.

A spokesperson for the printing company, said: “Here at Tenfold we are delighted to print free leaflets to support and promote this fantastic campaign.

Currently only available to those who have received a leaflet. (Credit: Feed the Youth)

“No child deserves to go hungry.”

Other national companies whose services extent beyond Nottingham such as BHG Events and the Covid-19 Community Help page have also shown their support.

Stuart hopes that this project will extend in the next months and reach out to as many families as possible.

He says: “The aim of this project is to give fresh hot meals to as many children as possible where needed, but at the moment I am only equipped for being able to provide up to 50 meals a week.

“I currently don’t have a vehicle or a large industrial scale kitchen, I would need to overcome these obstacles before being able to expand and help more children.

“I hope that my campaign inspires other individuals to help out wherever they can as this is a serious issue families are facing and it’s not going away anytime soon.”

To contribute towards ‘Feed the Youth’ campaign, please contact Stuart at