Nottingham City Council have announced the John Carroll Leisure Centre in Lenton will be closed as part of the new budget cuts. (Credit: Google Earth)

Nottingham City council have explained their decision to close the John Carroll leisure centre in Radford.

The closure of the centre comes after the council announced budget cuts to save £15.6 million and a 4.99 per cent rise in council tax, the highest increase possible.

Among the closure of the John Carroll centre, the council will be cutting 270 full-time positions and 20 fewer community support officers.

There will also be an increase in price for new bins and there will be a review into adult social care with the view to save £3.2 million.

The John Carroll leisure centre is “the least well used by far of all our leisure centres” said Sam Webster, the city council’s head of finance.

Councillor Dave Trimble, the portfolio holder for leisure and who also represents the Lenton and Wollaton East ward explained that the John Carroll centre “requires the largest subsidy and has by a considerable way the lowest usage” .

He added: “It isn’t something we want to do, but given we have to make savings, this is the option that I think helps to maintain the best possible leisure provision as we can in the city going forward”.

Residents from Lenton have expressed their upset with the decision to close the leisure centre.

Stuart Brown said: “I’m most concerned about what the land will be used for, ideally, they’ll be able to find another gym/leisure operator who can come in and operate from there.”

He added: “However, I expect we’re going to see another lengthy development of more student accordion which given the current situation may not be needed or desired by the community.”

Another resident Lissie Hollis in Lenton, said: “I’m disappointed as I used to swim there”.

The council has said that they intend to use the building for an alternative, community use, and are seeking uses for the building with other organisations over the coming months.