The Be Scene and Heard project encourages any deaf people to get involved in a diverse and inclusive music programme.

Anyone interested about the project can apply online from Monday, January 25 until Friday, February 12.

The project is open to any applicants aged between 18-25, and who have a passion for song writing, recording, writing, producing, acting and dancing in a music video.

The project offers a full studio set up alongside British Sign Language speaking mentors, West End dancers and choreographers with other Nottingham based talent such as producers, musicians, singing teachers and videographers.

The director of the Nottingham label I’m Not From London Will Robinson, who is an independent music promoter, is the one who set up this project.

He says: “There is a misconception that the deaf or hearing impaired can’t participate in and enjoy making music.

“Young people in the deaf community have told us there’s a real need for projects like Be Scene and Heard to give them these types of creative opportunities.”

“This is a great launch pad for anyone who wants to be part of the music scene but may currently feel excluded.

“We hope this will give them valuable experience and the confidence to progress on a creative pathway.”

Owen Brindley, from Bilborough, 21, is a radio presenter from Nottingham College and an original inspiration for the project as he was born deaf.

He says: “I thought it would be a great idea to have a band with signers so more people like me can enjoy live music as even though I can hear it with my implants, the signing helps me access the emotion of the music better.

“I approached Will as I knew he promotes a lot of bands and this is how the idea for Be Scene and Heard all started.”

To keep safe during the pandemic, the workshops have been made Covid-19 safe by introducing clear masks, Perspex screen and social distancing measures.

This event will take place at the Fisher Gate Point Centre for the Arts.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions there are only a small number of places available so that social distancing can take place.

Hearing young people passionate about music and interested in working alongside the deaf community are also welcome to apply.

To sign up for this event, visit their website.