The victims were attacked with a metal pole and had food and milk poured over them (Credit: Nottinghamshire Police)

A man has been charged with theft after a shop security guard stopped the man and called the police.

A security guard has been commended for stopping a serial thief after he was acting suspiciously in a local shop in Mansfield.

George-Cosmin Jiga, 31 of Kensington Road, Coventry has been charge with three counts of shop theft in connection to a series of incidents at Boots in St Peters Retail Park in Mansfield.

Jiga was charged and remanded into custody on January 23.

Another man, aged 34 was arrested at the scene on suspicion of theft in connection with the incidents.

He has been bailed pending further enquiries.

Nick Butler, Mansfield’s Neighbourhood Policing Inspector has reiterated his commitment to tackling shop thefts in the area.

He said: “We work closely with our partners in the business sector to gather and act on intelligence quickly and appropriately.”

“Shop thefts not only harm businesses financially, but they can also be incredibly distressing for staff within the stores” said Mr. Butler.

The investigation is still on going.