Nottinghamshire police arrested a man carrying weapons in the city centre (Credits: Nottinghamshire Police)

A man has been jailed for carrying weapons and a score of class A drugs in Nottingham City Centre.

A proactive search by Nottinghamshire Police led to a man being arrested and convicted for carrying multiple weapons, class A drugs, and other tools that could be used to commit theft.

Ricchard Davis, 51, of no fixed abode, was charged with possession of class A drugs, possession of a knife and going in equipped for theft on Thursday, January 21.

Davis was arrested after officers conducted a search on Glasshouse Street on Wednesday, January 20.

Nottinghamshire Police officers found in Davis’ possession: a knife, heroin, pliers, and other tools often used to commit theft.

He was jailed for five months on Thursday, January 21 after arrest.

Sergeant Paul Whitehead, of the city centre neighbourhood policing team, said: “Despite the city centre being so quiet at the minute, our officers are still working to tackle crime.”

“There is no excuse for carrying weapons and we will always take proportionate action against those who are found to commit such offences.”

“Hopefully time in prison will give Davis a chance to reflect on his actions”.