Now more than ever we need to find new ways to ease our minds in order to stay positive in whatever way we can, and Netflix’s new show ‘Headspace: Guide to Meditation’ is exactly that.

The year 2020 was one of the worst years any of us have ever faced especially mentally, and now as we move forward into 2021 it’s important to acknowledge we are by no means out of this yet.

That’s why looking in new directions to find ways to bring us greater peace of mind in these times is something we should all be putting at the top of our priority lists.

Thankfully, in the form of a new 8-part series on Netflix the meditation app ‘Headspace’ has brought to us a new guide showing us how to take better control of our minds and to look at our lives from a more positive perspective.

When was the last time you recall being genuinely present in your life?

When did you last take the time to put down your phone and train the relationships between your thoughts and feelings allowing them to flow in and out more naturally, without allowing yourself to become overwhelmed?

With everything still going on in the world right now, learning to train the brain in this way to feel happier and healthier throughout each day is something that a lot of us can seriously benefit from.

Now Netflix’s new series has brought to light some new and easy ways to understand this process through teaching techniques that allow us the take better control of our thoughts and feelings.

Take a trip with host Andy Puddicombe, an ex-monk with incredible stories and anecdotes accompanied by extremely impressive visual animations as he takes the audience through a series of guided mediation techniques that are scientifically proven to better your wellbeing.

Not only will you hear the origin of these different meditation techniques and there benefits, but you are also given the opportunity during the episodes to put them in to practice and experience a guided meditation session with Andy for around 10 minutes each episode.

Each 20 minute episode is broken down into their own subcategory of meditation that allows you to choose which one is best suited to how you want to strengthen your mind and bring a greater sense of relaxation and appreciation to each day.

There really is something for everyone in this series and I believe every person will be able to find some form of support in this show that could be a definite lifeline in these times to help boost mental and even physical wellbeing.

Headspace is originally a meditation app you can get on your phone that costs no more than a Spotify subscription per month.

It is definitely something I recommend checking out after watching this show if you find this introduction to meditation beneficial for you.

Here is a breakdown of all the episodes that you can check out right now on Netflix to see if one may just be the support you’ve been looking for during these difficult times.

Episode 1 – ‘How to Get Started’

Episode 2 – ‘How to Let Go’

Episode 3 – ‘How to Fall in Love with Life’

Episode 4 – ‘How to Deal with Stress’

Episode 5 – ‘How to be Kind’

Episode 6 – ‘How to Deal with Pain’

Episode 7 – ‘How to Deal with Anger’

Episode 8 – ‘How to Achieve your Limitless Potential’