Generous layers of snow lasted until late evening on Sunday. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Nottingham has transformed into a ‘fairy tale’ city after hours of heavy snow yesterday.

It was after Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for snow across Nottingham on Sunday, January 24.

Frosty covering at the bus stop. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)
Shy snowflakes flying in the air. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Heavy showers started to fall at 2pm until the evening, leaving a generous white layer across the city throughout the day.

Snowflakes falling down the canal. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

People did not miss the opportunity to enjoy a long walk outside their houses where the city was completely covered in snow.

An umbrella comes in handy anytime. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

People of all ages were seen in the Old Market Square, playing with snowballs or enjoying the view while having a hot drink.

Nottingham, the city of love. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)
Safeguarding the city covered in snow. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)
An overview of the Old Market Square in heavy snow. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Students who came back on campus took the opportunity to go outside and take some chill fresh air.

Snowballs as the snow falls. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)
Pictures from across the city campus. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)
Arkwright building resembling to a fairy tale castle. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

However, the heavy snow slowed down the traffic, causing disruptions in some areas across the city.

There were disruptions in traffic. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)
The train station covered in snow. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

No more snow is expected in the following days, however, people are advised to be cautious to avoid injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces.

Icy patches on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths could cause unwanted injuries. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)