The new Domestic Abuse Position Paper has been created to improve the system’s approach to tackling domestic abuse cases in Nottingham.

The paper sets out recommendations for the police to help systematically address the problem in the city and county.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has requested a review of domestic abuse in 2019 but due to Covid-19 the publication was delayed but has now been published in full.

A council meeting was held to discuss how the new position paper will be implemented.

Natalie Baker-Swift, 36, Programme Manager of the Violence Reduction Unit said: “I am absolutely supportive of the content of the DVA Position Paper.

“Our original Response Strategy is currently being updated to consider the findings in the position paper, as well as a better understanding of the needs of Nottingham communities to tackle serious violence more broadly.”

The Violence Reduction Unit works with communities to reduce serious violence and tackle its underlying causes.

The unit intervenes through education and policy change before violence has a chance to occur.

The new plan commits the Police and Crime Commission to continue to invest in outcomes focused on domestic abuse services for victims and survivors.

Natalie said: “The Violence Reduction Unit will now focus specifically on the experiences of girls and young women, with regards to serious violence and exploitation in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire communities.

“The findings from this will be made available by March 2021.”

(Photo credit, Pixabay)

In 2019, the Government announced a £100m Serious Violence Fund for use during the financial year to tackle serious violence.

£35m of this fund was assigned to Violence Reduction Units across the country, whilst the remaining funds allocated for police operational activity.

The manager said: “The VRU have commissioned a trauma informed intervention to support child and young people growing up in a home impacted by weapon enabled domestic violence.

“The evaluation of this intervention will form a part of a broad process evaluation currently being conducted by Northampton University.”

The Domestic Abuse Bill 2020 is currently progressing through Parliament.

The DVA Position Paper also considers the implications of the Bill for Nottinghamshire and hopes to create and improve the whole system.