Nottingham City Council house, in Old Market Square.

Nottingham City Council has issued a total of 9949 penalty charges for residents who have parked without paying for a ticket, receiving a total of £203,984.80 this year.

The data was released on the 19th November, recording fines from the first morning of 2020.

Rebecca Langton, Nottingham City Councillor says: “At Nottingham City we always want people to be able to park in places to access out shops, so we do encourage people to pay. When it doesn’t happen, we will issue people with fines and that’s because we have to make sure that we manage the road space to ensure that people aren’t taking over space. It’s all part of managing the highway and being fair to everybody.”

The council has recorded that Wollaton Park has been the area to receive the most fines. A total of 755 fines have come from that area alone, resulting in receiving £14,200.

Other streets that have recorded the most in fines are Wollaton Street with £7,948, North Sherwood street £7513 and Sheriffs Lodge Car Park with £7,400.

Data also shows that a few streets have been recorded but no fines were given, some of these streets are South Sherwood Street, Maid Marian Way and Mabel Street.

The highest fine given was £249, issued on Lower Parliament Street on Tuesday 6th October at 8:32am, which was fully paid.

Councillor Langton added: “The figures are very high which isn’t a good thing for the public to see, fining people is not something that we particularly want to do but we must do so when people haven’t taken the steps to prevent a fine.”