A selection of Sara's desserts

Tucked away in her homely kitchen in Clifton, 23-year-old Sara Lopes is one of many who have found a way to flourish throughout the pandemic.

Despite many businesses being dramatically affected, with the furlough scheme coming into place as well as redundancies, some have courageously taken the opportunity to begin something new.

Undeniably, most of us have been sat staring at the same four walls wondering what to do with ourselves, but Sara has made the most of the extra time she was given.

Something as simple as a hobby has blossomed into much more.

“i have been making ice cream for my family forever”

Sara Lopes, 23, Biomedical scientist

While working as a full-time biomedical scientist in cellular pathology, she never pictured herself having her very own business selling sweet treats, yet here she is.

Reading the news daily, waiting for someone to tell her something good about the current situation, she instead found an article on a furloughed woman who began her own cupcake business and was inspired.

Sara said: “I have been making ice cream for my family forever.

“They’ve always said that they are so delicious and that I should try to sell them. They are the ones that pushed me to start this business.”

Sara has a variety of flavours

Since November, she has managed to sell a great deal of ice cream through setting up a business page on Facebook as well as spreading the word.

The flavours range from biscoff to strawberry cheesecake, and recently some new Christmas flavours have been added.

Each tub is only £4.99.

Sara has discovered the sweeter side of lockdown. She said: “It may have helped my business because there are more people working from home or furloughed and we can’t go out to get food and desserts.”

The business has been overwhelmed with positive reviews, including one customer claiming it was the best ice cream she has ever tasted.

A mince pie Christmas special

The ice creams are made fresh from the comfort of her own home, and delivery is available within five miles of Clifton.

Sara continues to explore different flavours she can create.

To order ice cream, visit Sara’s Homemade Ice cream at https://www.facebook.com/saras.homemadeicecream/