A man has been charged with police assault and affray after threatening officers with nunchucks. (Credit: Nottinghamshire Police)

A Nottingham PCSO has been praised for his quick-thinking actions after he stopped thieves escaping the scene by redirecting traffic to block their exit.

Police were called to Portland Retail Park in Mansfield at 1pm on Friday, December 4th after reports of a large amount of clothing being shoplifted.

After the theft, a car left the scene at high speed and almost hit a pedestrian who tried to stop it.

PCSO Stephen Shaw, who was nearby, decided to redirect traffic in order to stop the chase and limit the car from escaping when he heard what was happening on his radio.

PCSO Shaw said: “I definitely thought that people, including myself, were going to be injured.

“It was quite a swift and unexpected turn of events, to say the least.

“We were in Mansfield town centre with something completely unrelated and we were asked to direct traffic.

“I was in the middle of the road directing and I saw it begin to maneuver. My instinct was reinforcing the traffic direction and trying to stop the car.

“I definitely thought that people, including myself, were going to be injured.”

-PCSO Stephen SHAW

Two men, aged 60, were both arrested on suspicion of theft, dangerous driving, failing to stop, driving without insurance or a licence.


Inspector Nick Butler, said: “This was a great bit of police work by everyone involved – from the CCTV operator who remained so calm under pressure to the quick-thinking PCSO who did everything he could on foot to slow the getaway vehicle.

“He in particular should feel a huge deal of pride about what happened here.”

The decision of the PCSO has been commended on Facebook with Doreen Smalley, who was in Mansfield town at the time of the incident, commenting: “Great work PC Shaw and well done to all of those that helped, great teamwork!”

Insp Butler added: “It is a timely reminder about the danger my officers face every day as they work to keep the public safe.”