The Punktured Piercing Studio is located on Carlton Road

A Nottingham studio is offering free piercings to people in return for a gift to charity.

Punktured Piercing, located on Carlton Road, is offering free piercings to 10 people on Thursday December 10, in return for a small toy or new item that can be used as a Christmas gift for a child, or in-date food items to donate to a food bank.

The event will also give the chance for a trainee piercer to practice and learn body piercings.

The shop’s first donation

Owner of Punktured Piercing, Dee Evans, said: “This year so many people in local communities are trying to make sure everyone has something to open and food to eat at Christmas, we are just doing our bit.

“The spaces have almost all gone now so I’m hopeful we will get a nice big bag full of items to gift.”

The toys will be donated to Priory School’s toy drive, located on Priory Road in Gedling, and the food to the Roosters’ Kid Club, found at Church View, Main Road, also in Gedling, as they are collecting donations for a food bank in Daybrook.

Contact 07710678472 if you wish to try and book one of the remaining places now.