A Nottingham artist has come up with a gin-gle bells of an idea with a personalised Christmas gift.

Artist Jen Lynn is introducing ‘ginlynnlamps’ an original personalised Christmas gift in which the body of the lamp is made from your favourite gin bottle and the lampshade is a map of your specially chosen place in the world.

The ‘ginlynnlamps’ were only launched three weeks ago but are proving popular.

Jen hopes of opening up a Sneinton market booth if the item continues to be popular and she could potentially sell them all year round.

Jen said: “Because I am based in Sherwood my target audience is for members that live in this area but because I’ve had such an influx of orders I haven’t advertised further than that but I am thinking of opening up more in the near future.”

‘Ginlynnlamps’ are made singularly by Jen but she would ideally like a bigger team if the popularity of the lamps continue so she can get more sent out at a time.

She added: “Lockdown 2.0 was a bit more of a dark time for people and I wanted to shine in this season and I bought this idea together with my love of gin.

“I think the fact people love personalised gifts and it can come together with one of their favourite places in the world or place with memories that’s what influenced me.”

These ‘ginlynnlamps’ are made locally in Sherwood and 10% of the profit that she makes goes to SolarAid, which is an international charity helping fight poverty and climate change in Rural Africa.

Jen Lynn spoke about where she sources her material.

She said: “I get most of my maps from charity shops and the lampshade materials I get online. The gin bottles I have a lot of excellent friends who love gin and they come and drop them off.

“Some people want a specific gin they have drunk themselves so they bring them round for me to personalise and craft into a lamp.”

Jen Lynn lives in Sherwood and will give her address to clients that want to drop round gin bottles.

However, she posts the lamps out to most clients or drops them round to their address as most buyers are from the same area and therefore walking distance from where Jen lives which makes it convenient for postage.

She is currently only working on her lamps over the Christmas period as she has only just started crafting and selling this particular item. She may broaden her range of crafts if she gains a bigger team but for now the lamps are the main focus.

Her smaller lamps start at the price of £42 and her largest lamps reach the price of £47, if the item requires postage she charges clients £5.

For more information check out Jen Lynn’s Instagram “ginlynnlamps” for more details and to place an order.