Police are issuing fines to members at antisocial car gatherings

Nottingham police have issued seven fixed penalty notices following repetitive illegal car gatherings in Hucknall.

The meet ups have been taking place at Junction 27 of the M1 and are of a dangerous and anti-social nature say police.

People gathering in the area, including spectators were issued fines that total up to £700 for gathering in the area covered by a Public Spaces Protection Order.

Sergeant James Flint said: “Too many of the people who attend these gatherings end up driving in a dangerous, reckless or anti-social manner which poses a hazard.”

Explaining how officers have continually tried to reason with and warn the drivers over the last few weeks, he added: “The last thing we want to be doing as police officers is to be punishing people for gathering together and having fun.

“However, the current national restrictions are in place to protect the wider public.”

The problem has been predominantly occurring in twin laybys, but the Public Spaces Protection Order (which prohibits these antisocial car gatherings) also covers the area around Junction 27 along Mansfield Road to the Badger Box Pub, North Sherwood Business Park and the north and southbound carriageways on the A611.

“our focus here isn’t about issuing tickets or making money- it is about public safety”

Sergeant james flint

Sgt Flint emphasised the risk that these people are putting onto their communities saying: “We could have issued dozens of fines in this time, but our focus here isn’t about issuing tickets or making money- it is about public safety and antisocial behaviour.”

Nottingham Police are strengthening their crack down on this behavior with fines in order to remind people that “the rules apply equally to everyone” and although many obey the restrictions it is troubling that some “need such an expensive reminder.”

Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Councillor Helen-Ann Smith said: “We will not tolerate lives being put at risk and fixed penalty notices will be issued to those caught.”

She added: “We welcome the police action as this behavior disturbs our local residents.”