This years Christmas parties are going to be different, no morning regret that you kissed your boss the night before or gave your co worker an insight into your best kept secrets. It may be different this year but two companies are teaming up to ensure the festivities can continue through a Covid Christmas.

Switch the banana bread for mince pies and upgrade your zoom quizzes to include a festive feast and a bottle or two. Home-x are collaborating with everyone’s favourite night out Bongo’s Bingo for the ultimate exclusive party for you and your co-workers.

A doorstep delivery with everything you need includes your perfectly portioned meals, a bottle of wine to get you through the evening and exclusive access to a live quiz on Friday 11 December and Friday 18 December.

The collaboration is also in conjunction with the Trussell Trust in order to raise money and awareness for food banks across the UK especially since demand has soared as Covid-19 caused a surge in unemployment rates.

As one of the biggest food bank providers in Nottingham with seven locations across Nottinghamshire, you’d be helping local people in need as well as helping yourself to have a jolly good time.

Your evening will begin with your delicious delivery and you will be sent a private link on the date of your party. You will have the opportunity to prepare your meal ahead of joining the virtual get-together.

I tried out one of Home-X at home dining experiences so you wouldn’t have to ahead of their Christmas launch to see if at home dining really felt like you were being waited on hand and foot.

My first thought was how amazing the packaging was and it even came with an artsy menu and a booklet describing each dish.

It was analysing this booklet however that I realised it wouldn’t quite be as simple as it is to strut into your favourite local for a quick bite to eat and more like a game of snap trying to figure out what sauce goes with what dish and the washing up was another story.

I was given the opportunity to try Home-X vegan range which they called 24 carrot, the box came with a vegan bottle of wine and eight seasonal courses that will run right through winter.

The dishes were definitely of restaurant quality and certainly had flavours I’ve not experienced before making me wonder what sort of twists the company have on the classic Christmas feast.

All of the dishes put together for the ultimate flavour bomb of vegan food.

It definitely was more of a luxurious experience than cooking a classic one-course meal from scratch but i would recommend grabbing your friends or kids to prepare the food for you so that you could really indulge stress free.

The Christmas party is brought by HOME-X which was creted by the team at SixbyNico due to the high demand of at home experiences that were established by the team.

Following its popularity, they decided to build a collection and created a number of brands such as 24 Carrot, Chateau-x, Stem Wine Club and the Cheese Club with many more.

These include a vegan collection as i experiences or something a bit more bold like their HomebyNico Thai street food menu.

If you’re more introverted and aren’t keen on having a Bongo Bing themed night, Home-X are also launching their latest concept E-Eatery incorporating two festive menus with their Christmas party menu and a ‘Christmas by Nico’ Christmas day feast to feed four.

Rachel Lambe, influencer executive said: “The Christmas party menu was created to provide the perfect party for everyone still in lockdown meaning we can still have a virtual party with friends and colleagues”.

With Nottingham in Tier 3 and the majority of the country in Tier 2 it’s looking like our only options to celebrate this year will be to dine out virtually.

The Christmas feast on the other hand incorporates multiple courses which Rachel said was to ensure families don’t have to stress over the stove on the big day.

Photo source: Home-X website
Photo source: Home-X website

She said: “Instead, people can enjoy that time with their nearest and dearest”

The Christmas party will cost £40 per person with their feast for four coming in at a staggering £250.

Whilst £40 sounds like a lot for one person, if you take out the money you’d spend on multiple drink rounds, secret Santa gifts and raffles you will have much more to spare for your charity quiz to help those less fortunate this Christmas.