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We’re a week into Sagittarius season, and on the first of the month Mercury also entered Sagittarius, bringing with it powerful energy to help us understand each other and the world around us. Be open to new discussions, but make sure you don’t believe everything you hear.

December 14th brings a total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius which will amplify outlooks for the year ahead. Looking at our core values and beliefs, we will have our faith restored, and optimism will shine where cynicism once rained. The 14th also brings a New Moon – time to make a list of what you wish to accomplish, conjure and banish, in the new year and release those intentions. 

Saturn, planet of responsibility, will re-enter Aquarius on December 17th, where it will stay until March 7th 2023. With it, this brings a new era of humanitarianism. On December 19th, Jupiter will also enter Aquarius, moving away from concepts of individual success and instead focusing on exploring new ideas and supporting communities. Jupiter will stay in Aquarius until December 30th 2021, allowing for plenty of time for the spirit of altruism.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction falls on December 21st, the Winter Solstice. The last conjunction was 20 years ago and the next won’t be until 2080. The combination of bountiful Jupiter with responsible Saturn will emphasise technology, innovation, freedom and endless potential. The planets – at their closest point since 1623 – are visible throughout the month each night, shortly after sunset on the western horizon. 

Also on the 21st, the Sun enters straight-talking Capricorn, which will help pull focus on ambitions, goals, work and the future. Coupled with the intentions set from the new moon a week prior, this period will be very powerful and prosperous, with a promising outlook.

The last Full Moon of 2020 is on December 30th, and as it falls in emotional Cancer, we are given a chance to look back on this turbulent year, appreciating what we’ve achieved, and showing gratitude for all we have prevailed. 



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Ruling planet Mars spends its last month of the year in your sign, engaging those fires within you, causing you to think carefully about what you are fighting for. The Solar Eclipse on the 14th will make you question your actions and beliefs – what’s stopping you from chasing your ambitions? A new era approaches for all signs, freeing you of that burdening self-criticism, and delivering fresh perspectives. This month is a good time to focus on your professional sphere, Aries. Saturn in Aquarius from December 17th brings an opportunity for a solo project, use this time to make your mark. Jupiter in Aquarius two days later will get your creative juices flowing, remain open-minded and work with those who encourage forward-thinking; exciting things will come. Take some time to spice up your image online.



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This month brings introspection in abundance, and you should be kind and gentle with yourself in this time, dear Taurus. Do not despair. Use the Solar eclipse on the 14th to consider how you want to move forward in the new year, evaluate those personal projects, set your sights high, and don’t hide that talent. Free up your schedule as new possibilities will bloom, with Venus entering Sagittarius on the 15th. Grab life by the reins, your mind craves excitement so pick up that book, take up that hobby, or delve into that subject that you’ve been waiting for. Your sun illuminates adventure and exploration at this time, maybe shuffle around your personal space to make the most of it. Look at your home with a fresh perspective and see where the greatest changes will lie. 



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December changes your focus from career prospects to close relationships. As the potential grows and grows with you, you find yourself reevaluating relationships. Allow this shift to happen – change is the only constant for you, Gemini. Whilst the Solar Eclipse may block some out, rest assured that new connections are just over the horizon. Take this time to think about the different kinds of relationships you require. Single Geminis will not feel ready to be tied down, especially with love-ruling Jupiter entering free-spirited Aquarius on the 19th. Spent the time getting to know yourself more. If you’re already in a relationship, then use this time to discuss what you really want in the future with your partner, set your goals and check you’re on the same page. A metamorphosis is coming, so slow down a little, enjoy yourself, and welcome the change, as who you are is entirely up to you.



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This month emphasises communication for you, Cancer, especially with those closest to you. Sagittarius season highlights emotional reciprocity – with emphasis on your personal beliefs, and where and on whom you spend your time and energy. Speak your truth and set your boundaries, ahead of Capricorn season when they will be tested. Use the Solar Eclipse to relax and slow down, you’ve taken on more than you can manage. Think about how you wish to be treated and recharge your energy. With Saturn entering Aquarius on December 17th, you need to work on your self-esteem and independence. Evaluate how you work with others, and maybe strengthen some old bonds.



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This year’s last Solar Eclipse will get your creative fires burning, Leo. The sun in your fellow fire sign Sagittarius will allow you to use your sunny charm to express opinions to friends and colleagues, and share your unique point of view. You find yourself ready for reliability in all relationships, and this year has taught you not to settle for less. Use the Eclipse to set the intentions of honesty around you, while your energies become invigorated on December 15th as Venus enters Sagittarius. Look for people who are ready to support you and your ambitions, and explore some new solutions while you’re at it. Saturn in Aquarius from the 17th will help you support your physical self, and could bring some lifestyles changes. See where you can trim the dead weight to bring about more balance and harmony.



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December has you trying to balance what you know, and what may come, as you reflect on experiences and life lessons. The Solar Eclipse will allow you to break free of family traditions, especially those making you uncomfortable. Now is the time to be selfish and spend time for yourself, Virgo, as 2021 will drag you from your comfort zone and down your career path. Use the Eclipse to check your foundations, set those intentions, and find peace. You feel the weight of your family and the world on your shoulders, so let some of that go, because you can’t pour from an empty cup. Pursue what fills your heart, in the form of hobbies, challenges and adventures – the time is now. The Sun emphasises pleasure and romance on December 21st, so share your joy with your loved ones and indulge in winter comforts.



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November was a very social month for you, but now December asks that you look towards yourself and adjust your routine. No one will give you what you won’t give yourself, Libra. This year has shown you what you don’t want, so use the powerful Solar Eclipse to set out what you do want, as it encourages a change in perspective. Use your words and say how you feel. As Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19th, this theme continues. Take the time to really outline what you want in order to create a comfortable atmosphere, and make sure you also unwind – let this transition take control of your goals. Enjoy the prospects of a brand new year with your loved ones.



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The Solar Eclipse causes you to check in with yourself in all areas, Scorpio – finance, self-worth, ambitions, relationships. Now is the time to truly believe in yourself, your intentions and your goals. Focus on what 2021 looks like to you. Even though you feel like you’ve come off track a little bit, don’t worry, you’re heading the right way, although it may not be what you originally envisioned. Single Scorpios can get ready to (safely) mingle when Venus enters Sagittarius on December 15th, and be honest with yourself and others about what you’re looking for. Coupled-up Scorpios can enjoy heart to heart conversations and welcome some excitement back. Money, influence, community and communication are all illuminated in the second half of the month, but don’t forget to ask for support when you need it. 



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This season is yours, Sagittarius, so grab it by the horns! The Solar Eclipse lights up your identity like a firework, and now is the time to fully express yourself and explore your individuality in many ways. You should also check in with the more hidden aspects of yourself, take a break from all the stress and get in touch with your inner self. As Venus enters your sign, December brings you creativity and romance, so bask in it, but remember that the Eclipse has some people feeling extra sensitive. Set those intentions and practice mindfulness to connect with your goals. Mercury in Capricorn from December 20th will allow you to work on organisational skills and forming new habits. Think about how you can use your talents for collective good, and remember to use your time wisely.



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Saturn has been in your sign for a large part of this year, encouraging you to practice boundaries and overcome obstacles. As it moves into Aquarius on December 17th you can take a well-earned break from your constant desire for self-improvement. Take some time to look back on how far you’ve come already, Capricorn. Remember to be present. The Solar Eclipse encourages reflection and meditation, as your vulnerability and growth is highlighted. Embrace your soft side and verbalise your emotions. Venus in Sagittarius from December 15th may make you feel more adventurous – the world is yours! Use this time to explore all of the different options, as well as having a much needed self-care session, because you deserve it. 



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The Solar Eclipse brings you a chance to manifest balance in your life, especially how to support your loved ones. Bonds will stay strong over the winter months. As domestic Venus enters idealistic Sagittarius on December 15th, you’re inspired to spice up your space, using references from every-day life to form a getaway. Your spirituality is highlighted when Saturn enters your sign on December 17th, so connect with your intuition and listen carefully. A boost of luck and abundance is coming, Aquarius, thanks to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st. Things you never imagined have happened this year, and you have the opportunity to change how the world sees you. Be true to yourself, and be that person in private and in public, and love yourself more fully. This month also asks you to consider your journey and destination, and believe that you are deserving of your wildest dreams. 



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With your ruling planet Neptune stationed direct this month, the fog has cleared and you are wide awake, Pisces. Prepare for new intentions as the Solar Eclipse tests your outlook and faith, don’t forget to keep an open mind. You have the time for some serious introspection: tend to your needs and consider how you can get career decisions to work in your favour. As Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19th, new paths are exposed for you to explore. Think about the relationships you want to make, the skills you want to master. You have been building a dream team of connections. Get to work on your space, as domestic Mercury enters hard-working Capricorn on December 20th, and get organised, considering how you can improve it. Your friendships are illuminated so have a look into new ways to entertain yourself over the holidays.