Who doesn’t love receiving a Christmas present? This year has been particularly tough, and many of us have held onto this coming festive season as a glimmer of light in a relatively dark and gloomy year. If you want to cheer a loved one up this Christmas, take note! Here are some of our best and worst gifts for Christmas 2020.

Best gifts of 2020


Silk facemasks come in various different colours. Image credit: Daily Mail

Most of us will have a rather large collection of facemasks already. However, if you want to get someone a present that you know they will use, why not get them a good-quality facemask?

If you are doing your Christmas shopping online this year, make sure to check out Etsy for some unique facemasks. For example, if you are shopping for a lovely lady in your life, you might want to buy her a silk one in her favourite colour. Getting presents from places like Etsy or Depop is also a great way to support small businesses!

Etsy silk facemasks start from under £5 and would make a great, practical present this Christmas.



Add a little personality to your gift this Christmas. Image credit: EzStores

This gift idea can be as affordable as you need it to be and a nice personal touch to your present. This year has been tough financially on all of us, and you really don’t need to be spending lots of money to make someone happy.

Instead, head down to your local Home Bargains, B&M or Poundland and grab an assortment of items to make up a stay-at-home survival kit for your chosen friend or family member. This could include their favourite foods (sweets and chocolate are a must), toiletry products, candle’s – anything goes! The key with this one is to make it as personal as possible, so make sure you buy things you know the recipient will actually like.

Throw all of your items into a decorated box, and you’re good to go!


Comfort is key for 2021. Image credit: Angelle Collection

The loungewear industry has really thrived this year. The move to working from home has seen many people leave their smart office attire behind in favour of comfy jogging bottoms, sweatshirts and leggings. With the situation unlikely to change into the new year for most people, why not treat someone you love to some nice loungewear this Christmas?

Most clothing companies will offer some sort of loungewear line. However, we recommend buying from loungewear specific stores for the best quality. Online shops such as the Angelle Collection and Lounge Underwear are just two examples of companies that sell gorgeous items that are relatively affordable.



A new laptop would be a great idea if you fancy splashing the cash. Image credit: Unsplash

This one is for those of you who are looking to splash the cash. If you know someone who is working from home or completing their university course online, then you might want to think about upgrading their electronics.

Having a decent laptop or computer is obviously key to the work from home concept, and it can be frustrating if unreliable devices are stopping you from completing tasks to the best of your ability. So, if you have someone in mind that would benefit from a new laptop, why not relieve them from a bit of stress this Christmas?

Laptops can vary in price, however, there are many excellent ones out there costing under £500. What we’re trying to say here is… don’t feel pressured to buy the latest MacBook!



Gift cards are a great practical gift. Image credit: Unsplash

Most of us will have spent the majority of this year sat on our sofas, browsing the websites of our favourite online shops. Online shopping had taken off long before 2020, yet this year has shown just how many people now prefer shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

If you don’t already know, find out what your recipients’ favourite online shop is and buy them a gift card to use at a later date. The good thing about this gift idea is that you can choose exactly how much or how little you want to spend, while still proving that you know your friend or family member well.

You may want to consider buying gift cards from small businesses in particular, as they will have suffered enormously this year and your money might make all the difference to their 2021.


Worst gifts for 2020


An expensive holiday might not be a great option this time around. Image credit: Jessica Goddard

It would be hard to find someone who hasn’t had their holiday cancelled this year. The coronavirus has hit the travel industry particularly hard, with many countries still having closed borders and high infection rates. Long gone are the days of spontaneously jumping on a plane and enjoying an exotic trip away – there are now many COVID-19 tests to be done first!

With the situation still looking gloomy for next summer, buying your loved one a trip abroad might seem like a great idea this Christmas, but it will probably just be a waste of money. Instead, maybe opt for a holiday in the UK; the prospect may not seem as exciting, but there is still lots to explore without the need for an aeroplane!

Check out websites such as Booking.com and Secret Escapes for some great deals.



Expensive suitcases are a no no this festive season. Image credit: Uncrate

On the same token, travel accessories will be amongst some of the least useful gifts this Christmas. Unless you’re an air steward, or the coronavirus miraculously disappears, the chances are that you won’t be going very far in 2021.

Forget about expensive, designer suitcases, passport holders and other holiday essentials. Even in normal times, designer travel items are not worth the investment as they would probably get scratched, broken or lost in transit anyway.


A 2021 DIARY

A 2021 diary will not be the most useful Christmas present this year. Image credit: Choosing Keeping

More optimistic readers may dispute this one but hear us out. The pandemic will not disappear at the stroke of midnight on the 1st January, and it’s likely that many plans that were pushed back this year to 2021 will not happen either. So, unless they like to schedule in their Netflix watching hours, don’t buy your friends and family a diary this festive season!

Some may argue that there is no need for paper diaries altogether. There are some great, free to use calendar apps out there; we would definitely recommend Google Calendar for time blocking and Notion for all things productivity.


Written by Jessica Goddard

Feature image credit: @karishea – Unsplash