Masks aren’t good for much apart from potentially stopping the spread of a global disease and keeping your faces warm in the winter months, it’s time to thank our faces for carrying the burden of these suffocating germ traps by exercising some self care.

Maskne (acne caused by face-coverings) has and probably will impact us all slowly one by one, making us ever more grateful for the lack of social events due to this new insecurity these masks have created. I’m here to give you some tips and tricks on tackling the dirt in your skin.

  1. Keep hydrated

We’ve heard it all before, the benefits of drinking water to aid digestion and give our brains some function but it also works wonder for our skin too! Drinking water help the body flush out toxins and also balances the oil and water content of your skin.

A simple equation, more water = less oil, less oil = fewer clogged pores. Time to quench your first and clear your skin.

There are plenty of litre water bottles on the market to make sure you can keep on top of your consumption all day no matter what you’re up to.

2. Double cleanse 

Cleansing once a day is not enough when half of your face is in a sweat box for the majority of your time.

It is recommended to use two cleansers to tackle different elements. Use a cleansing oil to replace oil-based impurities like makeup, excess oil and sun cream with nourishing oils. Then use a charcoal or cream cleanser to draw out pore-hidden impurities.

3. Wash your mask

Not only are reusable facemasks better for the environment and the money in your pocket but it is also much better for your skin to save against the harsh abrasiveness of disposable ones.

Taking our reusable masks out on multiple trips means it’s being exposed to all sorts of nasties and causes a build up of makeup, dirt and unwanted oils.

Having multiple masks on rotation means you can throw them in with your clothes wash and ensure a clean and fresh mask everyday.

4. Dry tea-tree oil in your mask

Following on from washing your mask, turn it into an all day pamper mask that has the reverse effects of what we have associated them with.

Dilute tea-tree oil in water (one part tea-tree, two parts water), or with a carrier oil like coconut, olive or almond oil (2 drops of tea-tree, 12 drops carrier oil). Add it to your mask straight out of the wash and let it air dry in time for your next use.

Tea tree oil helps to soothe skin and reduces itching and irritation that is often caused by masks. It is also an anti inflammatory that will reduce redness and swelling.

It also makes your mask smell wonderful all day long.

5. Allow yourself to breathe

Not only is taking occasional outdoor breaks from your masks important every few hours but wearing the right mask has just the same impact.

Ensuring your mask fits you not only makes it beneficial in preventing the spread of the virus,  but it also stops you from constantly adjusting it and spreading germs from your hands, to your mask and then to your face.

6. Be consistent with your skincare

Following everyone else’s YouTube skincare routines isn’t always beneficial when we all have such different skin. With oily, dry or combination skin on the cards it’s important we all understand what the best products are for us to each use.

Reporter Lauren Brown transformed within a week of going fragrance free and caring for her mask

As impurities build up on our face it’s vital not to use comedogenic (pore-blocking) moisturisers that will clog your pores up more, a good and affordable example of this is Cetaphil moisturising lotion.

Also try to avoid fragrance products. The reaction that creates a scent in your products often cases a sensitizing reaction to the skin. Many of the hidden ingredients in these products are the cause of most allergic reactions. Make sure you understand the complexities of skincare ingredients and it is hard to know what is good or bad.