There is a significant decrease in numbers across the city. (Image: Olimpia Zagnat)

Release of weekly statistics show that less people have tested positive for Covid-19 than the previous week.

On December 3 The Department for Health and Social Care published their weekly statistics for the Covid-19 tests in England.

A number of 1,663,130 have been tested across England for Covid-19 between November 19 and 25.

There were 8496 tests in Nottingham, of these 7.8 per cent were positive as 663 people were found to have the virus.

This is down from the previous week of November 12 to 18, when 9448 people in Nottinghamshire were tested.

A total of 10.7 per cent were found to have the virus after 1012 people tested positive.

Throughout Nottinghamshire during November 19 to 25, another 23,008 people were tested throughout the county.

Of these tests 1681 people tested positive, meaning that 7.3 per cent of people tested throughout the rest of Nottinghamshire were found to have the virus.

In the week prior to this 23,663 people were tested in Nottinghamshire, and 9.97 per cent tested positive as 2359 people were found to have the virus.

Although less people were tested between the 19th and 25th than the previous week, the percentage itself has still decreased suggesting less people have tested positive.

Medical Director, Dr Andrew Haynes, from the Mid-Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Partnership has said: “We had 375 beds occupied in the week leading to 27th November compared to 416 the week before. It is the first time in a month that our bed rates are below 400.”

There are a variety of ways tests are conducted, including regional test sites, local test sites, mobile testing units, satellite test sites, and through home test kits.

In England, 84.9 per cent of in-person test results were received the next day, and 70.4 per cent of satellite/home tests were received within 48 hours of the test being taken.