Nightflix site in Newark has space for 120 cars and boasts a 40-foot screen. (Image credit: Laycie Beck)

Families can catch up on festive favourites as Newarks drive-in cinema is playing Christmas classics throughout the month.

Since the very first lockdown nothing has been the same, and one of the luxuries we all seem to miss is going to the cinema.

However it doesn’t have to be this way as Newark is home to one of the five Nightflix Drive-In Cinema sites.

The site is located next to the Newark show ground, it has space for 120 cars and boasts a 40-foot screen that new blockbusters and old classics are projected on to.

This month the site is showing a vast variety of Christmas films for the whole family, from Home Alone to The Polar Express.

Site Manager Nyall Humphreys, 24, said: “Nightflix are looking to do 7 new sites across the country, from Wales to Manchester to Brighton, and are potentially looking at utilising the space in Newark for another screen as well.

“That would purely be for Christmas films, and we would get a nice Christmas menu.”

Pizza at Nightflix Newark. (Image credit: Laycie Beck)

The Nightflix site in Newark is just a 45-minute drive from Nottingham city centre, and it is definitely worth the trip.

It is also a great way to see a film whilst only mixing with your household.

The drive in first opened amongst the pandemic chaos on July 3 with a screening of Bad Boys starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Since then they have shown dozens of films, with a record breaking 114 cars showing up to watch The Greatest Showman.

What makes the drive-in experience so special is that although the film is projected onto the giant screen, there are not giant speakers blasting.

Instead guests use their radios to tune into the audio, which they will be told how to do upon arrival.

The fact that you don’t have to sit next to any strangers and stay in your own car is another perk of the drive-in cinema, as this means you don’t have to deal with any children kicking seats or people hogging your arm rest.

Many visitors even park backwards so they can put the chairs down and get comfy in the back, and unlike other cinemas there are only 10 minutes of trailers before each film.

So you no longer need to sit through endless of adverts wasting movie snacks.

Nightflix Drive in Cinema. (Image credit: Laycie Beck)

Nightflix charge £29 per car rather than per person, regardless of how many people are in the car, meaning if you and 4 friends shared a car it would only cost £5.80 each, a fraction of most cinema prices.

Once you have arrived and parked up you can also order food, drinks, and classic movie snacks from your phone which will be brought to your car for you – whether you fancy popcorn for £2, a classic hot dog for £5, or a choice of pizzas for £9.

The only reason you will need to leave your car is to  stretch your legs or use the toilets, which are currently one at a time and cleaned after each use to keep in accordance with the current Covid-19 guidelines.

There is also a large flag located outside the toilets so you can find them easily even when it gets darker.

If you have a dog you can also bring them along with you, as there is a separate area where you can walk them, so going to the drive-in really is the perfect activity for the whole family.