Nottingham Christmas market empty and miserable

Nottingham Christmas market usually is full of life and energy, but in a Covid world it’s become empty and hollow.

Around the market square where the one thriving market was, sits an event with stalls looking derelict and the surrounding population largely ignoring what’s going on.

The goal was to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to the city, which is currently on tier 3 the highest alert, during the festive season.

However, with Christmas lights not being turned on and the market being surrounded by metal fences, it doesn’t look as festive as it has done previously.

The council allowed the market to run with restrictions on what people can do and ways to keep social distancing at a maximum at all times.

The restrictions include a one way system, no alcohol to be sold at the Christmas pub and the stalls being spread further apart by having less stalls opening.

This is to keep in line with Nottingham being in tier 3 and the restrictions that come alongside that.

All market traders have to follow national guidelines which is to wear facemasks and sanitise regularly.

Due to the restrictions and rules the market is legally obliged to follow, the festive season looks to be not how we remember it.

Last year the market was full of life with people ice-skating, which has been banned this year as well as drinking in the pub with friends and family which due to house mixing guidelines is also not allowed.

A major part of the market missing is the live music by local singers who sing Christmas songs as the population of Nottingham shop, eat and drink.

Unfortunately it’s a fitting market for the year.