The 4th of December brings round a day that needs to be celebrated by all: National Cookie Day.

In a year of economic uncertainty, heading into Christmas time can be a daunting prospect when facing your usual spending budget, but can cookies be the saviour?

A cheap way to make thoughtful gifts this year is to bake. In many households, there is a cupboard that seems to be filled with odd baking bits and while you may not have it all you can buy the ingredients you need for less then £5 at your local shop.

The time and effort put into baking cookies will show the person receiving this gift how much you have appreciated them this year and who doesn’t like having something to snack on at Christmas time?

Festive baking makes the perfect budget-friendly gift


Baking cookies is quick and easy and you can get as creative as you wish with the decorations. Whether you want a marshmallow Santa or candy canes, these cookies can be designed in any way with a bit of colour and creativity.

To give your gift that extra bit of attention, the presentation of the baked goods can be just as easy as the baking.

A roll of cellophane or some cute boxes are the perfect way to present your cookies and will give them that professional feel for minimal spend.

Using nametags can add a thoughtful personal touch

The final touch to your homemade gift should be personalisation. Creating your own tags can come at zero cost and make the person feel extra special this Christmas.

To create tags you can use anything around the house, from old Christmas cards to cardboard from one of the way too many deliveries that have been received throughout lockdown. Just cut up the material into whatever shape you desire and write names and a personal message with the decoration of your choice. Then all is left is to gather some string or ribbon and attach it to the cookies.

Creating these homemade gifts will leave your friends and family feeling loved and your wallet feeling full. But don’t forget this National Cookie Day to treat yourself to a biscuit or two.