Snowfall showed little sign of sticking, despite the festivities.

Snow and rain swept across the county on the morning on Friday, December 4, as yellow weather warnings were issued.

The yellow weather warnings are for snow and flooding as roads in parts of the county are beginning to become treacherous.

The early morning sleet turned to snow as the day progressed, but  began to slow down in the early afternoon.

In the city centre there are few signs that the snow is sticking to surfaces.

Snowfall is expected to continue sporadically through the afternoon, but the evening is forecast to bring drier conditions.

As snow fell across the county, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Services released a statement with a warning to drivers:

“Keep your distance from the car in front and drive according to the weather conditions – rain, ice & fog can make it more likely that you will suffer a collision.”

The maximum temperature today is predicted to be 6 degrees with a low of -2 degrees throughout the night.