Outside of the AT1 studio on Triumph Road

Yasmin Gregory, set up her yoga and mindfulness company ‘at1.space’, along with fellow yogi ‘Mumtaz’, in 2017 on Triumph Road, Nottingham.

Since then, the two have seen the business flourish, offering one-to-one yoga classes, corporate yoga, retreat style yoga workshops and pop-up wellness events. But with the pandemic making it impossible to continue classes in person, they had to come up with a quick solution to ensure their services were still available to those that need it.

Classes at at1.space before the pandemic

“Coronavirus is really impacting on people’s mental health and wellbeing; for some, the combination of isolation and worrying world events is bringing to the surface loneliness and underlying mental health concerns.  So, our services are needed now more than ever”. Explains Yasmin.

She adds,Our online yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions have been designed to address the current unexpected climate we now find ourselves living in, with a real emphasis on mind body, and community connection.”

Here are some of Yasmin’s top tips for staying sane this Christmas:

1) Think of mindfulness as helping you to access the present moment

2) Think of meditation to help give you deep rest and healing

⁠3) Begin with the breath to help you access both of the above

4) Add a simple mantra⁠

5) Be kind to yourself and don’t believe everything you think! Learn a little more about coming from a place of ‘witness consciousness’ – seeing thoughts, feeling and sensations as things that will come and go⁠

6) Try to view your mental hygiene as important as your physical fitness⁠⁠

7) Kindness to self and others⁠ always

This Christmas, why not offer a loved one the gift of ‘peace of mind’, with vouchers for the online classes at at1.space.

“We are passionate about developing our online community alongside our studio classes, as well as partnering and collaborating with other local businesses” says Yasmin.

So help keep the independent businesses thriving and give your support. Link to online yoga with at1.SPACE