"I felt discriminated against as a parent without childcare", she said. (Image credit: Kat Bailey)

Mum of two, and Nottinghamshire fitness studio owner, Kat Bailey, vows not to return to Nottinghamshire shop after being turned away when she went to buy supplies with her daughter.

Kat Bailey, 35 is the owner of PoleKat Fitness Aerial Arts Academy and BungeeFit, and mum to her 3-year-old son Josh, and 3-month-old daughter, Jessica.

To prepare for the upcoming reopening of her studios, after having to close for the second national lockdown, Kat decided to go to Makro to buy some supplies, including protein bars and drinks, as well as hand sanitiser and cleaning equipment.

Kat has been a customer at the warehouse club and wholesale provider, Makro, for almost 8 years, but when she went to the store around lunchtime on December 1 she was turned away.

She said: “It was pretty much empty, I felt discriminated against as a parent without childcare.

“Having our studios closed twice by the government has meant that I simply can’t afford childcare at the moment.

Kat is just one of many business owners across Nottinghamshire struggling due to the current pandemic and regulations. She has not heard from Makro about the incident, but will no longer be shopping there.

She is blown away by the media attention she has received after the incident at Makro.

Kat said: “Honestly, I never intended to get such coverage, I just wanted Makro to understand how their policies affect smaller businesses and I wanted to make other people aware of it.

“But Im not a fan of heavy tabloid coverage, as you always get the trolls and the nasty comments and there’s so much more important in life than silly school ground bullying behind a keyboard.

“I’m a sensitive soul really and can take some things to heart. That’s why I’ve recently tried to keep off of social media unless work related – less drama that way.”

A Makro spokeswoman told the Nottingham Post: “Due to the nature of our shopping environment and the number of customers we are experiencing, children under 16 are currently not allowed into the branch and we are also asking that only two people shop per customer card.

“We are also limiting the number of customers into our branches at any one time.

“These are some of the measures we have introduced to ensure that we operate ‘social distancing’ which is so crucial in maintaining the health, wellbeing and safety of our colleagues and customers in the challenging environment in which we are all working.