Smiles all round this festive season

Online shopping has been many peoples saviour this Christmas with the country being put into a lockdown weeks before the festive period was set to begin.

The only down side of having all your presents delivered to your door at the click of a button is the wrapping and cardboard deliveries arrive in which is usually just thrown away.

With everything coming in so much disposable wrapping- why not make things out of what’s left.

The list is endless of what you can create to make your house festive with original decorations without having to purchase anything extra from using things around the house.

For instance, find yourself an empty glass bottle, and put a set of fairy lights inside it and there you have yourself a free original table piece to light up the table.

Homemade table piece from an empty prosecco bottle and a spare set of fairy lights.

A Christmas tree is the main decoration of a house at Christmas, so why not have a tree that no one else will have, and it not costing you a penny.

This tree was made from a pile of cardboard boxes from Christmas present deliveries, and some scrap paper that had no use.

A Christmas tree (right) made from all the boxes left from deliveries (left).

Draw out two symmetrical tree shapes onto two pieces of cardboard, and wrap them in anything you have spare, from wrapping paper to newspaper, anything will make your tree unique.

Then cut up the middle from the bottom to just before the point of the tree and slot it onto of the other tree.

For the final touches you can use the scraps of cardboard to make some decorations to hang on the tree, and wrap a set of fairy lights around it letting it be the star of the show.

This year especially we need every bit of Christmas cheer, and these inexpensive ways to brighten up your home will definitely do that.