As the Christmas holidays sweep in, it is finally time to go shopping. Why not honour Black Pound Day, December 5, and enjoy incredible products ranging from skincare to home decor, ensuring you get the perfect gift.

Black owned owners face disproportionate financial obstacles which have worsened as a result of COVID-19, so now is a good time to support them and get an early start on your Christmas shopping with these incredible stores we have collected for you to support now and forever.


Shea butter| £16 for 100ml| Buy it now

Owner: Carine Mbala

Elenge was founded by Carine Mbala, whose products are handmade in small batches using natural and ethically sourced ingredients. Their most popular product is the all shea butter, thanks to its fluffy and creamy texture.

This is a must have product as it contains healing benefits, helps with stretch marks and is suitable for all skin types.

The Glowcery
Superfood Lip Juice Duo | £21 | Buy it now

Owner: Roshanne Dorsett

The Glowcery has developed a nutritious diet for the skin using daily products made with 100% natural, fresh and superfood ingredients. The ingredients are sourced from products found in your own fridge, promoting an overall well-being and nutrition to the body, both in and out.

Each product is hand made with ingredients such as cold-pressed vegetable, fruit and nut oils and plant based vitamins.


Uzuri Gold 
REMI for £30|Uzuri Gold| Buy it now

Owner: Sonia Muneri

Uzuri Gold to motivate you into enhancing your look. Each piece is carefully chosen to be a staple part of your wardrobe, dressed up or down.
A pair of earrings for Uzuri Gold will drive you to make a bolder and fearless choice in your life!

Relic London 
Zeta earring|£30|Buy it now

Owner: Ngoni Chikwenengere

Relic is inspired by architecture and organic forms giving each piece a bold and individual look. The contemporary accessories label is designed for the modern woman, as the pieces are experimental, feminine and unexpected.
The Zeta earring a crowd favourite with it’s lightweight and easy to wear design, suitable for a day or night look.


Rose Gold Sunflower Silk Scarf| £45| Buy it now

Owner: Toyan Oriogun

Lonseluet is an established independent fashion house, designed and made exclusively in the UK in 2014.
The label specialises in designing In-house unique illustrated digital prints ranging from textile print work for exclusive evening/occasional wear and accessories from recycled fabrics.
They encourage women to be “fearless, feminine and bold” with what they chose to wear in a very positive way through creative and individual clothing.

The Jacket|£140|Buy it now

Owner: Ngoni Chikwenengere

We Are Kin is an emerging sustainable label focused on creating understated sense of elegance, promoted by strong silhouettes, clean lines and statement staples that will elevate any closet.

The pieces are timeless, wearable and help reduce waste in a responsible and sustainable practice which is achieved by working with end of line fabrics, sustainable fabrics and the use of the local factory, giving your piece a sense of personality.

Home Decor

The Kenyan Crafts Company 
Tamaduni|£36 starting price|

Owner: Zipporah Van Der Vijver

The Kenyan Crafts Company brings each individual piece has its own unique qualities and reveals layers of stories woven into the strands with the enchanting sisal baskets that will bring colour & texture to any home.

As part of the Kenyan culture, the company employees women from rural villages to craft the baskets and earn money to support their families. With the sisal material it develops a healthy and sustainable partnerships while preserving the ‘Kiondo’ weaving tradition.

Self Made
Airy | Pine Scented Candle | £28 | Buy it now

Owner: Ricki

Self Made was inspired by Ricki’s travels, she always kept a candle in her bag as a reminder of home, knowing there’s something about smelling scents that are familiar to you and remind you of positive experiences.

Self Made is a proud Vegan friendly, eco-conscious brand which uses organic and natural ingredients and recycled packaging.