Notts police are increasing their patrolling of drink drivers

Nottingham Police are ‘stepping up patrols’ to crack down on people driving the morning after a heavy night, amid concerns that there has been an increase in alcohol and substance abuse during the National lockdowns.

While showing their support to a new campaign that has launched today, the ‘Christmas and New Year Drink and Drug Drive Campaign’, the force are also starting their month-long scheme in a bid to ‘actively target those who drink and drug drive’.

Chief Inspector Simon Allardice said: “People need to be very mindful that if they’ve been drinking or taking drugs at home, they can still be over the limit the following morning”.

The public will be subject to more frequent and random stop-checks since officers claim they have analysed enough data to be more informed of right place right time.

Chf Insp Allardice added: We are actively hunting drink and drug drivers on our roads”.

Last year’s campaign involved 356 people arrested on suspicion of drink and/or drug driving, of which 57 had been involved in collisions.

There is a six-month prison sentence for anyone caught driving while above the legal limit and up to 14-years for death caused by drink or drug driving.

“We all want to enjoy the festive season with loved ones; possibly even more this year than others” – Kyle gordon

With the festive period nearing, officers are pleading with the public not to lower their guard to the risk that comes with substance intake and driving.

Chf Insp Allardice explains: “Disappointingly this is also the time of year when family and friends tolerate their loved ones taking this risk”.

He added said: “We don’t want to spoil the fun, but it is vital that people plan ahead. More importantly, the risk of destroying a life and causing death or serious injury is incredibly high”.

They stress this point after UK-wide research shows that alcohol consumption during lockdown has significantly increased.

Nottingham’s Police Chief’s Council commander Kyle Gordon said: “I understand that this year has been incredibly difficult for everyone. We all want to enjoy the festive season with loved ones; possibly even more this year than others”.