Start your festive activities this year with a stroll around Wollaton Hall and join in on the illumination trail which takes you through four ‘magical’ lands using a wide display of enchanting lights.

Wollaton Hall is hoping to make Christmas special this year as this trail is a first for the hall, doors opens to visitors from the 3rd of December to the 6th of January.

This event is suitable for all ages and sets out to captivate all audiences as you begin your journey in a fairy-light entry and finish your experience with a dramatic finale destined to blow your breath away.

However, Mariane Holmes, Grandmother of five and Nottingham resident said: “It is too pricey for families especially at Christmas which is a naturally expensive time of the year and with the pandemic purse strings are tighter than ever this year.”

“with the pandemic purse strings are tighter than ever this year.”

Mariane Holmes Grandmother of five

Several people agreed that the price had put them off attending many were also worried that this price would only increase due to food and drink stalls.

University of Nottingham student Laura Sherwin argues that: “It is pricey but I would have spent the equivalent on food and drinks if I was able to attend Christmas markets so I feel it can be justified.”

This event will help get you into the festive spirit as the magic of Christmas awaits you at the trail with an extraordinary mix of light, fire and sound.

Wollaton assures that customers safety is a priority as full social distancing and COVID protocols are in place.

Nottingham resident Nancy Smith said: “I feel as though outdoor events like this are safer and easier to social distance and I don’t mind paying the price to keep things like this going and supporting Wollaton Hall which I believe provides a lot to the local community.”

To buy tickets visit christmasatwollaton2020 prices range from £13.75 to £19.25.