Assassin's Creed Valhalla released on November 10 in the UK.

So, the long-awaited game has finally dropped, and does it live up to the hype? 

After testing out the first four hours of the game we were able to determine whether it really is one of this year’s biggest releases. 

Assassins Creed Valhalla is the 12th main game of the Assassin’s Creed franchise and is set during the Viking ages in Norway.  

You play as Eivor, your traditional Viking who lives by his honour and lives for battle and glory. 

You are given the option to play as male or female Eivor at the start of the game a feature brought back from the previous game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. 

Eivor as a character is quite like previous protagonists, charming, witty, and determined more than ever. 

Eivor (male) pictured above.

Whether he can be better than fan favourites Ezio and Edward is yet to be seen. 

This game provides the player with the closest experience to being a Viking as possible. 

You get the full Viking experience as you caparticipate in drinking competitions, recite poetry, cover your skin with tribal tattoos and raid villages as a true Viking would. 

These are only side missions and the main story of Eivor’s and his connections to the Assassin Brotherhood are the main focus of the game. 

Many features return from previous games such as the customisation of your character, the bird’s eye view and the whole fighting mechanic that has been in place since Assassin’s Creed Unity. 

The difference in combat is still a contentious debate between fans of the franchise. 

It does not allow for such slick fighting sequences as was possible in games earlier in the franchise. 

However, it does mean that the game is deemed more challenging and allows for better boss fights as seen previously in the series. 

It is the twelfth major installment and the twenty-second release in the well known Assassin’s Creed series. The first to feature on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

One thing that is irritating, is that every game released by Ubisoft the controls are adjusted ever so slightly, it is something that can be overcome yet should be mentioned. 

The free running mechanic that is pivotal to any game in the series is stronger than ever.  

Eivor is capable of climbing frosty mountains with ease, whether this is a good thing, or a bad thing is in the eye of the beholder. 

The travelling via sea isn’t as prominent in this game as you do not get to man a vessel as large as in previous games.  

You still can sail a smaller rig whilst your crew sings songs yet it is not as big part of the game. 

The ship you and your Viking crew can sail on.

Whether this is a positive or a negative depends on whether you enjoy that sort of gameplay. 

The one of many highlights in this game as is with many Assassin’s Creed games is the beauty of the location in which it is set. 

In previous Assassin’s Creed games, the players have been blessed with the ability to travel to nearly exact replicas of places like Venice, Rome, Paris, Constantinople, and Greece. 

This game is no different. 

The beauty of the Scandinavian winter is truly captured in this game as the detail is near perfect. 

You appreciate simple details such as Eivor being unable to stay in ice cold water for a long duration, to seeing how cold it is through the breathing. 

Even the loading screen is a beautiful sight as you can witness one of earth’s wonders of the world In the Northern lights. 

A minor disappointment for some may be that there is still no multiplayer.  

Ubisoft have ditched the multiplayer modes with Asssassin’s Creed Black Flag nearly 7 years ago being the last to feature it. 

“It is the longest Assassin’s Creed yet taking an average of 47 hours to complete.” 

It was never a major part of the games, yet It was something that could have been included in such a big release. 

The fact this would be the first Assassin’s Creed games on next generation consoles and one of the first big releases, would justify the return of online multiplayer. 

To make up for it this game has an extreme amount of content.  

It is the longest Assassin’s Creed yet taking an average of 47 hours to complete.  

It tops its predecessor Assassin’s Creed Odyssey taking 5 hours longer to complete just the main story. 

Assassin’s Creed has been a hit and miss franchise of late with some games falling down. 

This seems like a step in the right direction however as Assassins Creed Valhalla is 2nd in the charts for digital downloads on its release week. 

It ranked higher than FIFA 21 and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, two of this year’s other big releases. 

It also outsold its previous releaseAssassin’s Creed Odyssey with 200 per-cent more digital downloads in its launch week. 

This means that this installment of the franchise is likely to be the best performing Assassin’s Creed game since PS4 and Xbox One became the current generation consoles. 

The number of new features added to the game is minimal. 

Embrace your surroundings in cinematic mode while travelling by horse.

Only the Assaults and Raids on villages have been added as well as mini games you can do with your fellow Vikings as mentioned earlier. 

Despite this, every Assassin’s Creed game brings a whole new universe to explore and it is well worth playing the game just for that. 

Ubisoft have yet created an inticing storyline with unbelievable realism and graphics, any player can enjoy this game not even just fans of the series. 

Overall Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers players not just an incredible game, but a true experience to play and is definitely worth getting as soon as possible.  

You will not regret it; it definitely is one of the games of the year.