While Nottingham heads into the most restrictive of the government’s three-tier approach, it would be easy to slip into the mindset of a great Shakespearean tragedy.

However, while in times like this it’s easy to approach life in a pessimistic manner, I would rather do it with a glass half full mentality.

Whether it’s outdoor activities or simply something with more home comforts there is plenty to do – even with the current restrictions. Here are five of the best things to do while Nottingham is in Tier three.

  1. Take a walk down the Nottingham and Beeston Canal

While taking a walk is not the most adventurous activity you could pursue, it is certainly enjoyable.

The walk down the canal takes you past some picturesque views and will be sure to leave you breathless due to the unique scenery; such as the famous Trent Bridge.

At around five miles in length and containing three locks – the canal will also offer those who love to exercise a great opportunity to do so all while being surrounded by Nottingham’s vibrant waterfront district.

It is also at the heart of the city – meaning it will not be too far for anyone that may be put off by the prospect of a lengthy trip.

2. Visit the Robin Hood statue

The legend of Robin Hood has been synonymous with the city of Nottingham for generations – and to this day, you can see the incredible sight of the 7ft tall statue in honour of the legendary outlaw.

Weighing over half a ton, the figure is truly a remarkable landmark – any visit to Nottingham would not be complete without a trip to the statue – and in a time where we are limited in what we can do, it seems like the perfect family trip.

If the mere sight doesn’t draw you in enough to pay a visit, consider the possibility of getting a brilliant shot for social media next to the brass sculpture.

The legend of Robin Hood dates all the way back to the 13th century

3. Visit Nottingham’s Christmas market

While the decision to open Nottingham’s Christmas market in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic has come under much scrutiny – it is still a brilliant opportunity for fun in the midst of tier three.

The market will be opened from December 5th to the 24th from 10 am to 9 pm.

While Coronavirus-related restrictions and provisions are in place – there will still be the opportunity for fun, with stalls able to sell gifts, and festive food.

While classic parts of the market such as the ice rink and the Ice bar won’t be making an appearance, there is still more than enough activities for some fun in the run-up to Christmas.

4.  Outdoor sport

While the rule of six will stop larger sporting gatherings – it is still possible to have some competitive fun in the tier three system.

Three v Three games of football, perhaps some Tennis doubles, or even a round of golf at Nottingham Golf Club would all be entertaining uses for your time.

So while you may miss out on your fully-fledged 11 v 11 football match, there are more than enough alternatives to quench your sporting thirst.

5.  Try a new hobby

We are all guilty of getting stuck in our ways at times, and with the current restrictions, it would be easy to let time slip away.

However, with free-time more abundant now than ever, it is as good a time as any to start a new hobby.

Whether it’s learning a language, starting Yoga, or even just picking up a new book, anything that will help break up those long monotonous days is more than welcome in my eyes.