The parking scene on Henry Road

Complaints have arisen over the numerous daily parking issues faced by residents and commuters in West Bridgford.

Those living and working in West Bridgford find that the roads are plagued by incidents of inconsiderate parking and that there is not enough space for those coming into work.

Helen Jones, manager at West Bridgford’s Oxfam charity shop, said: “I have to park fairly far away to even get a space, most people are out when I’m parking on their roads which is fine but if they come home during the day they can’t park near their homes.”

“Sometimes they park so badly I’ve actually not gone out because it’s too dangerous for me to get out”

Andrea Rivilin, 60, Charity Shop Worker


The 27-year-old from East Leake added: “There’s permit-only parking close-by but that’s for residents only so I can’t buy a permit for myself during the week.”

Helen Jones, 27, East Leake

In May 2019 Rushcliffe Borough Council scrapped post-8pm car park fees but Mrs Jones said that for the working day they are still too expensive: “If it’s over three hours it’s 20 pounds so it’s fine for shopping but for those that want to work here we can’t afford to pay a hundred quid per week just for parking.”

West Brdigford resident Andrea Rivlin, 60, added that the inconsiderate parking on her road causes issues with getting out her house: “Because the people need to park to come to work and what they often do is park so close up against to my driveway that it’s impossible to get out.”

The charity shop worker also said: “Sometimes they park so badly I’ve actually not gone out because it’s too dangerous for me to get out.”

A driveway being blocked one of West Bridgford’s main roads.

The issue has been recognised by Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Community Safety Project Officer Judith Brown who said: “We have people who are inconsiderately parking and causing obstructions which is causing restrictions for those with wheelchairs and pushchairs.

“I am also aware, of the lack off-street parking causing an overflowing of the car parks.

“We’ve also got concerns around schools where you’ve got parents dropping their kids off and causing quite a lot of obstruction and slowing down the traffic with a lot of concern from residents.”

The 50-year-old who lives in Rushcliffe chairs weekly community group meetings where residents can raise their concerns, she added that: “parking is one of those things brought up in every single meeting so it’s certainly a major issue.

“Are there any plans to improve parking at the moment? There’s been a few things knocked around but nothing definite at the moment to improve or increase the parking areas in West Bridgford.”