Local musicians showcase their talent at Nottingham Street Food Club ahead of their debut album release on December 13, 2019

Local clothing brand and music producer, Mimm, have announced their first release in five years featuring the best upcoming artists in Nottingham.

The compilation is made in collaboration with Nottingham-based collective LustyArts and will feature “a new wave” of upcoming musical talent.

This follows a five-year hiatus from record labelling, during which focus was shifted to establish Nottingham Street Food Club in the heart of the city.

“We’re really excited to work with a new resurgence of local music”
nathaniel wilson, founder of mimm and nottingham street food club

In anticipation of their release, Mimm hosted a night of live music and DJing at their street food venue, which included an eclectic mix of acid-jazz, R&B, hip-hop and funk-rock.

The founder of both enterprises, Nathaniel Wilson, 32, said: “We’ve got a 15-track album released next week with different artists.

“The idea would then be to work with them individually and put out their own solo releases off the back of this. We’re really excited to work with a new resurgence of local music”.

‘Universal Lovers’ will be available for download from December 13, 2019, featuring singles from the likes of Frankie Bones, Coffee Club Boys and Tony Sparks, among others.