Radford Road, Hyson Green

“Worst for anti-social behaviour? Get out of here with that, man.” Residents in Hyson Green hit back after police figures reveal Radford Road has the most reports of anti-social behaviour in the whole city.

Figures show there were 196 incidents reported at or around the Asda supermarket on Radford Road, which has sparked disgruntled reactions from people living in the suburb.

The reports cover behaviour including vandalism, graffiti, street drinking, begging and the dumping of rubbish.

But today residents were quick to defend the area as “friendly,” and “decent,” full of hard working people.”

Tony Campbell, 60, building supervisor at the Hyson Green Youth Club, said: “They are chatting a load of rubbish, put Hyson Green and the city centre against each other and we will see what area has the most anti-social behaviour.”

“The kids at this centre are good kids, this is one of the biggest youth centres in Nottingham and we have never had any trouble here.”

He did suggest that there were problems with “beggars” and “a few idiots” around Asda, but rejected the claim that that the area was the worst in Nottingham.

Later adding: “Worst area in Notts for anti-social behaviour? Get out of here with that man.”

Ashne Bacotisen, 26, Hyson Green

Ashne Bacotisen, 26, insisted that most people in the area were “friendly” and “if you smile they will smile back, even if you don’t know them.”

She added: “I have never had a problem or seen trouble here.”

Christelle Mardille, 46, of Wistow close agreed the region was full of “hard-working people”, who “cause no bother.”

She said: “even the people who drink in the park by Asda in daytime will cause you no bother, they are actually quite friendly.”

She later suggested that anti-social behaviour around the area was a “problem with poverty,” and that she doesn’t think that there is a “threatening atmosphere.”

“My son works at rock city. I worry more about him in town than around here.”

David Stibbons, 58, visits Hyson Green regularly for the Library

Visitors to the area were also quick to dismiss the report. David Stibbons, 58, who regularly visits Hyson Green for the library said:

“I Normally find it alright, I come here for the library all the time and I have lived just down the road for years and have never had or seen anyone causing bother.”

Owen Handcock, 32, Foxhall Road, agreed that the area was “not as bad as people make out.”

He admitted that there are issues with “a few that go out looking to cause trouble, its like a nine to five for them,” but clarified it was a “minority of idiots”.

He added: “I know there have been a few incidents near Asda, especially over the last year or so, but most people are the hard-working, decent sort.”

Police presence in the area is expected to increase efforts to prevent anti-social behaviour.

Neighbourhood Inspector, Riz Khan said: “Local officers in the Hyson Green area have been working hard to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.”

The police have specialist programmes for anti-social behaviour in place, including Operation Lumination which is described as a “problem solving strategy” for Hyson Green and Arboretum, and Operation Neverasse, which is designed to focus on drinking and begging.

NI Riz Khan said:”All of our work is aimed at pulling in energy and momentum to make the area a safe place to live, visit, work and enjoy. We take this very seriously and regularly review and take positive steps to ensure cohesion and safety is paramount.”