Will Smith and Marcus Lawrence return for a third Bad Boys movie
Will Smith and Marcus Lawrence return for a third Bad Boys movie

Coming almost two decades after their second movie, bad boy cops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are back together for one last ride.

While this movie was not directed by Michael Bay unlike the first two, Belgian filmmakers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah carried over his signature extravagant action style very well.

There is no such thing as an explosion too big when it comes to this action-comedy. There is definitely no time for falling asleep in the cinema as big bangs and car chases are happening every other scene.

The ‘boys’, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence bring an old-school nostalgia to the movie as now middle-aged Miami detectives. There is still the feel of a 90’s crime thriller, but more time is spent on Lawrence and Smith’s onscreen friendship than both of the previous movies combined.

The movie opens with Mike and Marcus riding around Miami in a bright blue Porsche sharing cheesy bad boy banter, but you would not expect anything less from these two detectives. The one-liners had the audience constantly laughing. They shout to a crowd of white people on a beach: “We’re not just black! We’re cops, too! We’ll pull ourselves over later!”

However, the pair soon begin to cruise different paths. When Marcus becomes a Grandfather he turns to God and wants nothing more than to retire and stop violence. This heavily contrasts to Mike Lowrey who has not changed since his younger days, still loving the single life and dedicated to chasing bad guys until the day he dies.

The scenes at the start of the movie are a bit slow as Marcus is mostly absent as he thrives in his retirement. You really can’t help but miss the two riding around solving crimes together as the title of the movie promised.

Kate del Castillo, the wife of a Mexican drug lord they locked away years ago is what thankfully brings the two back together and picks up the pace of the movie. Kate’s son, Armando is sent to assassinate everyone who was involved in the case, including Mike Lowrey.

Armando, played by Jacob Scipio is a guilty pleasure. Whilst he is the villain of the movie, he is a highly skilful assassin which you can’t help but admire and respect.

When things get personal, Mike begs Marcus to help him solve this case for one last time. While Marcus reluctantly agrees, for the first time ever, they are not working alone.

Their captain assigns them to a new branch of the police force called AMMO who use more modern techniques and skills rather than their fists to capture the bad guys. This was something that definitely took away the ‘bad boy’ essence that made the first two movies so great. This felt more like ‘bad boys plus squad’.

Despite this, they made a great team. Old and young joined forces combining highly technical detective work with good old fashioned fist fights and guns.

If you miss old-school, big and bloody slow-mo shot action movies then this movie is definitely one to add to your watchlist.

With the ending hinting towards a fourth movie – it seems that bad boys really could be for life.