Daily mail: Tracy Brabin wore a £35 off-the-shoulder ASOS black dress which slipped down her shoulder as she was making her point heatedly.

Stop everything! We have breaking news! Tracy Brabin appeared in Parliament with her shoulder exposed!

During a debate in the House of Commons, Tracy Brabin – MP for Batley and Spen – made an important point about journalists in parliament being denied access to Brexit briefings.

Now, while that is a rather valid point considering the fact that the reporters are supposed to cover such meetings, it baffles most women (myself included) on why people focused on what she wore.

I was furious on some of the comments that followed this incident, and when she stepped out to slam them, all I could think was: Well done Tracy!

I cannot remember seeing such a sexist display on twitter, that was shared by so many people, especially as it is 2020.

I thought that we were over this!

What made it worse was not just the nosy men saying things like this:

But there were women who joined this bandwagon, insulting or shaming poor Tracy as she was doing her job and had a little slip, especially as it was just a shoulder!



Also, I am sure that there were times that their dresses would slip, showing hypocrisy at its finest.

However, what made me happy was that there were people who stepped out to defend her, not just other women but men too.

But, when will this kind of thing stop?

Does this mean that while we say that there is freedom of expression, that there is no freedom to choose our own clothes as women?

Whether you like Ms Brabin as an MP or not is irrelevant, I would like to think that people would look at her policies and political points rather than the outfit that she decides to wear.

Her post to defend herself was brilliant, as she looked at the most extreme of the comments and said:

I wouldn’t say, like some have, that she is a model to all women, but she is someone who has demonstrated successfully the ideology of “no skin off my back” when people stain her character due to her state of dress.

I only hope that this will not happen again, but knowing better, I know it will and probably for something just as inane.