EU and GB flag pictured next to each other, the day after the Brexit bill was completed.

Several Nottingham campaign groups gathered around the Brian Clough statue, to support minority groups in Nottingham and to celebrate free movement and migrant rights in the aftermath of leaving the EU.

With a message of welcoming everyone irrespective of race, nationality or immigration status, the campaigners took to the streets surrounding Nottingham’s Old Market Square, on Saturday 1st February.

There were a variety of speakers present on the day including Open Nottingham, a local grassroots organisation, who organise events through their Facebook page.

Michelle Brown, a campaigner from Nottingham Stand Up to Racism (NSUR) said: “There will be an increase in rhetoric aimed at scapegoating migrants. Anyone who is threatened with any deportation, we should stand with them.”

“We’ve seen this anti-Chinese racism whipped up over the virus. They need protecting during this”
Michelle brown, nsur campaigner

“European citizens who now live in this country, some of their immigration status could now be under threat. It is certainly true that people from Africa and Asia face the brunt of this in this country.”

NSUR said they believe that the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has led to another potential crisis that suggests people from East Asia pose a threat to the western world.

Michelle added: “We’ve seen this anti-Chinese racism whipped up over the virus. They need protecting during this.”

Pav Chavrid, is a member of the Oriental Society at Nottingham Trent University and hasn’t experienced any of this himself.

He said: “If you have a fluent English accent like I do, the perception of you generally changes. I have friends that walk around town with a mask on and I guess they might get treated differently. Nottingham seems more accepting”