This is the first time the Order has been imposed in the East Midlands. Photo credit: John Sutton

The first Stalking Prevention Order in the East Midlands was granted in Nottinghamshire.

The Order was granted on 3 February after a 38-year-old man appeared in Nottingham Magistrates’ Court.

The Order, which will last five years, imposes conditions on prohibiting contact with two girls he had repeatedly contacted on social media and approached in public.

The Stalking Prevention Act, that the order comes from, came into effect on 20 January, allowing courts to impose civil Stalking Protection Orders on people suspected of stalking prior to charge or trial.

Inspector Amy Styles-Jones, of Nottinghamshire Police’s Public Protection Unit, said: “Stalking is sinister and dangerous and if not stopped can lead to serious violence and unfortunately on some occasions, death.

“Stalking is different from harassment in that the perpetrator will be fixated and obsessed about their victim and this will cause a huge impact on their day to day living.”

A criminal investigation is ongoing into this case. The man has not been charged with any criminal offence at this stage.