The Carsi team on opening day
The Carsi team on opening day

Nottingham Forest football player, Joao Carvalho’s partner, Andreia Silva has opened a luxurious new clothing shop in Nottingham.

Nottingham is the first branch of Carsi in the UK which opened Monday February 3 in Bridlesmith Gate.

Carsi in Bridlesmith Gate
Carsi in Bridlesmith Gate

Andreia said: “I decided Nottingham would be a good place when I moved here as there is nothing similar here, I couldn’t find clothes like this when I was trying to find a good dress.”

Despite Bridlesmith Gate becoming quite desolate in recent months with shops such as American Apparel, Jones and Hobbs closing down, Andreia has high hopes for Carsi.

“I hope other brands see Nottingham as a good place to invest because that’s what I saw and needs more places where people can walk by and visit.

The whole collection has been designed by Andreia who first opened the brand in Portugal.

The brand is trying to stand out from the crowd with their special scent that they spray in the store and on the clothes that get sold.

“The scent spray is a little bit different but is supposed to help the customer experience.

“People can smell our shop when they are just walking on the street.”

Carsi hopes to expand quickly by opening more shops in the UK.