Researcher Arash Shahid, 47 (left) and Professor Tilak Dias, 67 (right) overlooking textile computer project

An NTU project has been created, to enable the first ‘fabric-embedded computer’.

The team of PhD researchers are competing in a global research project to build a computer that you can wear, using a process that embeds electronic circuitry into the fabric yarns of the clothing.

The project is being overseen by Nottingham Trent’s Advanced Textiles Research Group.

The group has already created new technology, such as items of clothing which use solar cells to help power wearable devices.

Professor Tilak Dias said: “I think this will revolutionise the way that textiles are made intelligent because currently, textiles have lots of different functions but here what is most important is the fashion aspect.”

The university’s project received a grant of around £1.3 million to develop the technology used and this could potentially go into industrial scale.

Tilak said: “Just imagine your shirt can monitor your health, your blood pressure, your heart rate and then take appropriate action.”

This new process is creating electronic yarns and should take about three years.

It will go through several stages, such as the development of ‘prototype demonstrators’ and these will go through trials and tests with industrial associates.

The plan by the team researching the project is to be the first wearable computer through a manufacturing process.