Nottingham has been a hotspot for crimes

Nottinghamshire Police have welcomed new figures which show the force beating national trends for crime rate increases.

Statistics released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that the work conducted by Nottinghamshire Police from September 2018 to September 2019 has reduced certain crime types – including knife attacks.

The force’s chief constable Craig Guildford put the success down to introducing dedicated teams focusing on specific offences.

Nottinghamshire Police have been cracking down heavily on violent and sexual offences

He said: “These figures are great news for the wider community and show the commitment we have made as a force to tackle crime and keep people safe.

“It is clearly great to be in this position and this is due to the relentless focus we have all collectively had here in Nottinghamshire, including with partnerships like the Violence Reduction Unit.

“We have introduced dedicated knife crime teams, robbery teams and burglary teams and the statistics show this is clearly having a significant impact and will continue to do so.

“Stop and search is up by 100 per cent and we know this has made a huge difference and as a Chief Constable I want to thank the public for continuing to provide information about people who choose to carry a knife.

“The positive outcomes from using stop and search tactics is quite exceptional and I am very keen to ensure we maintain our very strong levels of local support for such activity which ultimately saves lives.”

Of the crimes surveyed, burglary is down eight per cent during that time, sexual offences have also reduced by five per cent (in comparison to the rest of the country where this number went up three per cent).

“It is clearly great to be in this position and this is due to the relentless focus we have all collectively had here in Nottinghamshire”

Chief Constable Craig Guildford


Further crimes listed off are as follows; vehicle offences down seven per cent, violence with injury down three per cent, and knife crime down by eight per cent.

The figures published are compared to the performance of difference forces nationally, where the total amount of crimes is universally up.

Nottinghamshire’s police and crime commissioner Paddy Tipping also praised the force.

He said: “These figures are reassuring for the community and rewarding for the force and its partners who have worked so hard to achieve these results.

“When local residents supported my budget plans last year, I promised to be tough on crime.

“We are now seeing the benefits from the investment in more officers, resources and technology and I am confident that we are now in a good position to improve still further.”

Despite all this on the surface success, these press release percentages aren’t the entire story.

Hidden in between good news is a small paragraph, “Nottinghamshire is also in line with national trends with total crime up by just five per cent.”

There are reasons for this.

Possession of weapon offences has shot up in the period counted, increasing 30 per cent, far outweighing the numbers nationally. This number is due to the successful nature of the stop and search tactics deployed by the force.

Robbery is also up three per cent in this period.

On the front these statistics are just numbers but can there is a deeper picture. has an incredibly deep database where all manner of statistics can be accessed. In regions patrolled by the Nottinghamshire Police from October 19’ to the end of the year, 33,383 crimes have been reported to the police, over 11,000 of these falling under the category of ‘serious and violent crimes’.

In the entirety of 2018, there was a total of 135,798 crimes committed, with 31.5 per cent of these being serious and violent crimes, in comparison the whole of 2019 which saw a total of 138,535 committed crimes and 32.4 per cent of these crimes being serious and violent.

Comparison of crimes committed in the entireties of 2018 and 2019.

In the data recorded by ONS 108,734 crimes were recorded in the timespan covered, just under a third of that total has been committed in the subsequent months. Thankfully numbers have been dropping as the months pass in most areas for serious crimes.

Since October there has been a consistent drop in all crime in 68.97 per cent of the places patrolled by Nottinghamshire Police, with a 60.3 per cent drop in violent and sexual offences and 56.9 per cent decrease in burglaries.

But then there’s been the recent front-page stories of the real stark danger of Nottingham.

Arjun Singh killed in the early hours of the morning on Saturday 19 January in the city centre. Footballer Jordan Sinnott was assaulted in the early hours of Saturday 25 January, dying later on that evening. Officers have been ordered to patrol the internet in the wake in the potential rise of stabbings across the county.

These are the items of news making the main pages, but there is a lot more going on as these statistics prove.

Guildford has said: “We are seeing a further 107 new police officers joining our force by the end of March, will build on this success.

This comes a day after the Government settlement funding which will help with our investment into front line officers while also being able to put more funding into operational tactics aimed at reducing all crimes, including serious and violent crimes, which is what people have told us they want to see.”

The changes of crimes in percentage from 2018 to 2019