Campaigners are using the Brexit 50p coin to show refugees and asylum seekers that they are still welcome in the UK. (Image: Flickr)

Nottingham Refugee Forum are urging people to donate their commemorative Brexit 50p coins.

The independent charity is one of several around the country that works with asylum seekers and refugees who will be at risk after Brexit on 31 January.

Three million of the controversial commemorative coins will enter circulation, bearing the inscription ‘Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations’.

Matt Atkins, director of the charity said:

“It’s a time of crisis for refugees and people seeking asylum in our country. Brexit has given a lot of them the impression that they’re not welcome, wanted or safe here.

“If people step up and donate any of the Brexit coins that they get, it shows the country and the rest of the world that the UK isn’t turning their back on refugees.”

To donate to Nottingham Refugee Forum, go to