Tina Wesley, Jasmina Fanshawe and Jenny Machell: Neonatal nurses at the incubator push.

Nottingham’s Hospitals Charity has launched its #BabyMRIAppeal today, which aims to raise £100,000, to purchase a state-of-the-art MRI incubator.

In aid of today’s launch, the team from Nottingham Children’s Hospital have pushed an incubator from Nottingham’s Queen Medical Centre to the City Centre, this morning, to raise awareness and money for the cause.

Equipment like this is used to help transform critically ill babies’ lives in hospitals nationwide.

They visited several Nottingham hot spots such as Mowgli, 200Degrees and Coventry Building Society, who are amongst their list of business sponsors for the walk.

The team from Nottingham Hospital at the incubator push.

Dr Don Sharkey, Neonatologist at Nottingham hospital, joined the team on the walk. He praised the corporate sponsors, saying: “They have raised a lot of money for us, Mowgli raised £20,000 alone, and they are still going.”

Thousands of babies are treated each year at Nottingham Children’s hospital’s Neonatal and Paediatric intensive care units. A lot of the children need MRI scans to support their diagnosis and further treatment.

The ‘Baby MRI incubator’ is an all-in-one device to scan babies in a comfortable and quiet space-which decreases the need to sedate them.

Sharkey said: “The Baby MRI Appeal is a fantastic opportunity for Nottingham to have an MRI incubator in service, helping the babies of our region.”

The #BabyMRIAppeal is your chance to help make a difference to sick babies’ lives, in Nottingham today.


To donate and learn more about the appeal click here.