THOR’s Tipi bar has been a conquering cities for over five years now and the Viking-themed Christmas event has now opened in Nottingham.

Originating in York and now appearing in other locations in Winter Wonderland in London, THOR’S is expanding rapidly to all corners of the country.

From Citrus Spritz mocktails to Viking Blood mead cocktails, according to hose behind the the project, there s something for everyone in this cozy, family friendly, winter experience.

Over the past five years the company has established pop-up bars in York, Leeds, Sheffield, Lincoln and London’s Hyde Park. New this year are Nottingham and Edinburgh.

Last year saw over 250,000 visitors at Tipi bars across the country, and with Nottingham having a reputation of one of the best Christmas markets in the country, it’s no wonder they chose to make this there next location.

THOR’S managing director Maria Farrugia said: “We’ve had our eye on Nottingham for a while. They have the most amazing Christmas market already and everyone’s been so welcoming.”

The bar is situated in Trinity Square but any fears that the attraction may lure customers away from other Nottingham businesses have proved unfunded.

Food companies in the local community have been happy to get on board with THOR’S and help out with food stalls they have outside the hut. Donors in the square include The Big Melt, Son of Steak and Power to the Poutine.

“They’ve done exactly what was anticipated, they helped bring more people TO THIS end of the city.”
Richard Jeffrey, General Manager

Businesses said they are happy to co-operate with THOR’S as they feel the pop-up bar helps bring more customer over to Trinity Square, away from the main market.

Richard Jeffery, general manager of Son of Steak, praised the business the new bar has brought. “They’ve done exactly what was anticipated. They helped bring more people to this end of the city, to these attractions in Trinity Square,” he said.

With an overall warm welcoming from not just the bars signature fire pit but also the Nottingham local people, people of all ages are coming to visit.

THOR’S drive for the future is to hopefully not only have winter tours in the UK but to also extend the summer season which is currently only held in York.

Named SÓL ÁST meaning the love of the sun in Norse, the summer event is just as spectacular which in 2020 they’re hoping to take to new cities once again across the country.