Busy nights on Broad Street. Credit: Rough Trade Nottingham on Facebook

Nottingham’s trendy, underground Rough Trade, hosted a night of unconventional contemporary sounds called NottNoise on Monday.

The free event was in collaboration with Nottingham Forum for Artistic Research (NottFAR) and acted as an introduction of the main events at the live performance venue.

The lineup included Jamie Elless, Simon Paterson, Golden Wonder and Helen Papaioannou.

Duncan MacLeod, organiser of NottNoise and lecturer at the University of Nottingham, said: “Today we are just kind of launching this series of events happening in the year ahead. So far, we’ve got five events lined up running up to May, and on top of that we’ve got a weekend festival that’ll be taking place in the city.”

“The idea behind it was we wanted to find different ways of engaging with different audiences, so a lot of our programming is about contemporary music.”

The performances were all held in an intimate small bar setting, allowing the audience to have a sense of comfort and familiarity.

“We tend to program concerts in the concert hall in the city centre, rather than smaller venues. But I think as a space this is overall a lot more accessible, particularly with younger audiences.

“There’s been lots of studies evidencing the fact that going to a concert in a concert hall can be quite intimidating for some people, whereas in this kind of environment it’s more open and familiar.”

Simon Paterson on bass performing his experimental electronic jazz.

“There is quite often a focus on London as being kind of a place for contemporary and new music, and we recognise that there is a lot of creative talent within the Midlands as a region.”

Duncan explains that one of the goals of NottNoise is to spotlight smaller artists from the UK that are normally overlooked.


“we recognise that there is a lot of creative talent within the Midlands as a region.”
DUNCAN MCLEOD of Nottnoise and university of Nottingham


“Part of the premise and the motivation for these nights going forward is to feature and showcase musicians and composers that are within the Midlands; so, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester, even Sheffield. We try to shed light on artists and composers that are active outside of just London.”

  • To keep up with #NottFAR, follow @nottfar on Instagram or visit nottingham.ac.uk/NottFAR. Upcoming shows include:
  • Sunday 2 February 7:00pm – Galvanize Ensemble & Fretwork at the Theatre Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham.